The Road Ahead: Mapping Ventura's Prospects

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The Ventura projects are carefully managed events in the major hotspots such as the Millan, Dubai and the New York City. The primary focus being contemporary design inclusive of amateur designers and the established brands and labels. The Ventura future a model of the Ventura projects has a mission of demonstrating exactly how designers can be able to think critically outside the structure s of convection and in the long run produce solutions that are both radical in a world where the technology, complex networks, and data are the order of the day.

             Using the Ventura future aims in targeting anyone in need of finding out the new talents or has the objective of discovering the plans of the next generation can be able to and add in more of value to these plans. (Gray, C. and Malins, J., 2016). Some of the communication approaches to be used in the Ventura future include the use of the exhibitions to display the talents and skills of the young generation.

                The proud partners of the Ventura future include the future dome and the loft building exhibitions. The future does is a museum whose goal is to nurture the upcoming talents in designs and to provide an excellent avenue to the pioneer creative thinkers. In the future dome, there is the goal to engage the projects uncompleted with the historical atmosphere.

               The loft building exhibitions, on the other hand, are only big enough to permit just the favored few to show their excellent work (Tjell, J. and Bosch-Sijtsema, P.M,76). These days the Ventura projects among them the Ventura future, has been able to hit exciting time s with designers in the world and to be able to think outside the structures of convection and come up with reasonable solutions that are radical.


               The traditional disciplines are becoming less clear nowadays, a demonstration that the cross practices that are between the designers the engineers and the technologists are shaping the better outcomes. (COlEmaN, R., ClaRkSON, J.O.H.N. and Cassim, J, pg, 44) Ventura has accommodated quite a lot from big data to the complex networks, resource management to the healthcare issues.

             With the aim of maintaining an affordable healthcare system, it is vital to consult the new generation. The new generation has incentives on how to tackle, its problems by experimenting using different fresh ideas. A Dutch design for vision and happiness about health with the support of embassies in Italy has selected seven designers to give a representation of projects that are aimed at securing medical progress.

                The presentations range from the practical solution to the patients on a daily basis up to the health reflections the wellbeing and human life. Ventura Dubai has created partnerships with the dmg event6s to bring about the enterprise to life for the designers at index design series. (Boyles, G ,pg,33)They are also provided the new market with iconic design brands and giving right platforms meant explicitly for the talented designers that are across the globe.

              Their highly curated areas of the exhibition have grown from visions that rely on product quality to the innovations, signature s, and the craftsmanship. Having a whopping total of 43 designers all from Europe, over ten nationalities represented and over three unique projects, what all these designers have in common is not just a good potential for the young to flourish but also the fact that they tend to have critical access to the way of expressing through their product designs.


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September 18, 2023

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