The Role of a Systems Analyst

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System Analyst

A system analyst is an individual in a company or an organization whose responsibility is to design, modify, and analyze the system to ensure its compatibility and effectiveness to the users (Jagadish 90). A system analyst is part of the whole technological process in the company but can as well chose to work independently. They analyze the codes and make suggestions to the management on their effectiveness (Jagadish 88). They do not do the actual hard coding of the information, however, they asses the suitability of the information system and its productivity to the end users. Moreover, system analyst implements the information system in the company. They also document the information about the employees and alert them on the importance and effectiveness.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a System Analyst

First and foremost, the position of a system analyst is essential in every organization. Due to this demand, the position is always marketable. The demand for the personnel is very high both in big and small firms. Moreover, a systems analyst has the freedom to interact with people in the company even if they work independently. They often spend time alone in the office especially during programming (Prochaska 1999). This advantage makes it better for them to balance their level of social interaction. Generally, the work has no monotony and boredom. The position of a systems analyst also allows the personnel to travel to seminars and be outside and inside the company. This is very important because it gives them more experience as they interact with different operating systems used by various companies (Prochaska 1998). Lastly, being a computer systems analyst also allows an individual the choice to either work in an organization or to become a consultant for other companies and organizations. The prime reason behind it is that they have a very good computer experience.

On the contrary, the position also comes with its own disadvantages. Firstly, the organization significantly relies on the person. Occurrence of system errors from time to time may lead to a stressful life. Secondly, the systems analyst always takes large time consuming projects in the organization. The large projects can also lead to fatigue especially due to pressure. The personnel have to build and maintain the operating systems and ensure its compatible operation (Jagadish 87). This role requires time and keenness which in turn may lead to fatigue. Finally, the position involves a lot of travelling which may be boring for the individuals who hate travelling.

Being a Systems Analyst

A systems analyst is in the position to evaluate the company’s information systems. Considering this role, I would like to use my computer skills to decide what information system the organization needs to implement. Besides, the position presupposes that an individual has to travel a lot from one country to another across the globe (Prochaska 2000).

Personally, I like travelling; therefore, the position will enable me to travel to the countries that I have never gone to. Above all, I would like to use the experience I get from the shows and seminars I attend at my organization in order to start a consultancy firm based on the computer systems. Being an employer on my own is my desire. Moreover, I will employ more people so as to build my country’s economy.

The role of the systems analyst is so important that I hope to be one someday. Basically, the career requires much personal interest in computer systems, something that I have achieved from my information technology course at the college (Prochaska 1998). The course has installed in us basic knowledge and practices that when implemented well, it will lead us into this career path. Again, exposure and interactive programs that we get with already established system analysts drives us towards this career path. We get motivated and molded to become the best systems analyst.

Systems Analysts as Part of Both User Community and Information Technology

The roles of the systems analysts have become more integrated in an organization due to the definitions of their functions and the nature of their activities. Their work environment alone dictates that they work with both the user community and the information technology systems (Van der Aalst et al. 2). Primarily, the systems analyst works to analyze the information system, the objectives of the company’s project as well as determining the impact of the new systems on the people. In performing this task, they work alongside with the employees in the organization to the realization of the task. They also conduct interviews among the employees in order to know how the company’s technology has impacted on them. At the same time, the analyst has to interact with the computer so as to program and analyze the company’s information.

In our college, for instance, the systems analyst is also the project manager. As a project manager, the system analyst is required to develop and tract the project schedule, design the systems components, plan group and individual assignment related to systems analysis as well as evaluating the new systems to user requirements (Van der Aalst et al. 3). This role automatically puts the systems analyst in a position to work with both the user community and the information technology. They need the people so that they succeed in the project management of the organization. They also need the computer system to analyze and finalize the projects.

Systems analysts also act as the communicators of the organization (Van der Aalst et al. 4). They ensure employee and customer relations in an organization. In this case, the system analyst shall work with the community users. However, they only ensure the communication on a system based operation so that the information passed is disseminated using the operating systems of the organization.

Lastly, a systems analyst works with both the computer technology and the user community as a company’s developer. They employ technical skills as they work alone to summarize and document interviews with users (Van der Aalst et al. 5). In essence, the analyst has to interact with the users during the interview. Besides, they have to interact with the computer so as to summarize, document and store the information of the interview in the company’s information systems. They also prepare user manuals under the developer role. The manuals are prepared from the information systems then distributed to the users who are the company’s employees. This role enables them to interact with both the user community and the information systems.

In summary, it is very clear based on these roles of the systems analysts that they have to work with both the community users and the information system in every organization. Clear examples are seen in systems analysts in universities who run the students’ data base at the same time interacting with them.

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