The Role of Character in Business Ethics

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In the Star Trek, Mr. Spook came at loggerheads with Captain Kirk since he regularly questioned the morality of the decisions made by the captain. Character has a significant role in business ethics because the temperament and the decision-making skills of an individual will determine the righteousness of the decisions when measured against universal virtues such as prudence, temperance, and fortitude. For instance., in the face of challenges and uncertainty, businesses need people who exercise self-control and calmness to make decisions that are supported by sound reasons. Furthermore, having an analytical character like that of Mr. Spook would contribute significantly in making ethical choices since an analytical character requires the decision maker to stop and determine the moral standing of the resolve. In my role as a Nurse Consultant whose responsibilities range from reviewing claims payment from providers and evaluating care plans for clients, character and personal integrity has a fundamental role in the performance of my duties. To illustrate, paying attention to details and observing due diligence while reviewing payment claims helps in promoting accountability and preventing financial mismanagement. Furthermore, maintaining confidentiality in all my dealings with clients is the cornerstone of building and maintaining trust. Thus, one's character has a central role in business ethics, and the key to a promising and rewarding career is observing business ethics and illustrating a high level of personal integrity in all dealings with customers, fellow employees and any other stakeholder.

January 19, 2024

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