The Role of Fashion Baby in Fashion Industry

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A paper doll, also referred to as fashion babies, are printed or drawn figures that in most cases are in two-dimensional shapes. These dolls always appear in the form of an animal, person, or inanimate object such as wood, plastic, or cloth. Recently three-dimensional dolls have been introduced with their attires made selectively of papers. Overall, the fashion industry has become one of the significant sectors of the creative art. Many advertisements that happen in different social media involve the fashion babies. Thus, this art is primarily meant to introduce or expose the children to variety of cultures and different ways of life in various countries basing on the professions and historical time period. Considering its role, it has a significant impact on modern fashion industries.

                   The development process is inherently simple and as it incorporates various fashion styles, designs that reflect different cultures and thus contributes significantly to fashion as an industry. Exploring various textures in making the dolls such as using cotton, satin, tweed, flannel, fleece, and manty others enables one to come up with creative and attracting figures that are a delight for the kids (Kramer). Dolls development also involves beautiful decorations with kid-friendly patterns intended to make them colorful and bright. Thus, it implies that it does not require much skills to create a doll because of its simplicity as it just needs a simple knowledge and necessary materials. Furthermore, opting for fashion babies is much cheaper than doing clothing, given that it does not need a number of people or large machines to produce. For clothing, it is essential for one to have a big storage facility to accommodate the stock, which is so different with paper dolls.

                   In the modern world where things are moving so fast with the changing technologies, paper dolls have also gone digital whereby there are Hi-Tech printing machines that design the three-dimensional fashion babies. The transformation in paper dolls has uplifted the fashion industries to greater heights. The three-dimensional machines are more appealing and are able to develop the miniature figurines. Today`s fashion industry engages in creating animated doll papers in a different way the earliest world`s made their animated objects (Maurer). Currently, the animation of the fashion is created through computers with critical techniques. The fashion babies have been identified as a critical source of the consumer attention based on the information they are portraying. There are tricks and tools that are meant to develop the animated fashion babies in the similar look of a film, which are cheap and easy to build. Therefore, these new changes in the art of developing three dimensional and animated doll papers have attracted a good number in the in the developing markets.

                   In summary, it is worth noting that currently, the use of paper dolls has increased substantially when compared to the way they were used in the past. In the earlier world, especially in the 19 century, the paper dolls accompanied books for children that had different scenes reflecting the social anticipations of for kids and women. Children used the paper dolls to learn diverse themes. However, in the modern era, a lot has changed due to rising number of technologies such as use of mobile phones and tablets, which has increased the market of paper dolls (Wagner). Therefore, the dolls are used to define a woman through culture of fashion, hence, making the women and children major customers for fashion babies.

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August 01, 2023


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