The Role of Human Resources in Marriott Aruba

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Every organization needs to ensure that its human resources management is aligned with organizational strategy. The human resources function is a crucial partner in the formulation and implementation of a firm's organizational strategy (Teena & Sanjay, 2014). Therefore, human resources need to develop unique systems and mechanisms that align with the corporate strategy.

Human resources job positions and responsibilities at Aruba Marriott Resorts

The Human Resources Manager is the head of the department. He/she formulates human resources policies in relations to employment, advocates for employee benefits, establishes compensation structure, ensures compliance with labour laws, develops and administers programs to align the staff with the strategic goals of the firm.

The Director of Personnel Services works with the human resource services director to ensure that personnel function requirements of Marriot are met. They include career development, compensation, managing talent, recruitment and employee relations.

The principal responsibility of the Assistant Training Manager is to help the Training Manager improve the productivity of employees in the company. Such duties include overseeing training programs, scheduling training sessions, determining the training needs of the organization among other responsibilities.

If I were working at Marriott Aruba, I would prefer the position of Assistant Training manager. I am confident that the role would be the best fit for me. I am an extrovert with excellent communication skills. I also enjoy interacting with new people, developing and maintaining new friendships whether personal or professional. I am an IT analyst by training and believe that information technology can help organizations such as Marriott enhance their productivity. I also love and look forward to training sessions because they offer both opportunities and challenges to learn and improve my knowledge and skills in the process. Moreover, I am passionate about young people and would like to see their professional ambitions come true with the right skill set for the company.

Through their HRM, organizations can establish and maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Studies have shown that companies that effectively manage their human resources experience high organizational performance (Rahman & Mamun, 2013). I believe that Marriott can create a competitive advantage by creating a positive work environment for all employees. Secondly, the company can diversify its workforce by recruiting and selecting talent from different backgrounds. In that case, the firm will become very innovative in the provision of its services. Another way is to place employees in positions of authority with a lot of autonomy to increase their job satisfaction. The firm can also offer workloads that guarantee work-life balance. Finally, Marriott can offer excellent compensation based on individual performance that increases productivity.

Improving diversity

Organizational diversity is one of the major factors that a firm can use to create a competitive advantage (Kreitz, 2007). However, most companies find it hard to achieve their diversity goals. Human resource managers face hurdles in implementing company organizational policy for some resources such as lack of commitment from top management, resistance to change and love for homogeneous workplaces (Kreitz, 2007).

Marriott can improve diversity through training. Employees and the top management need to be educated on the benefits of diversity to the firm. Secondly, diversity should be made of the corporate culture. It means that top management must include diversity in the firm's strategic plan. The third way is through recruitment and selection of diverse talent. Marriot should liaise with top universities in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa to increase racial and gender diversity in the workplace.


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January 19, 2024


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