The Role of Innovative Technologies in Live Meat Transport

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How recent innovative technologies can play a role in the effective management of                   transportation in AUSTREX

            The transportation industry is changing with the advent of new innovative technologies that have enhanced the quality of traffic. Austrex can utilize the recent innovative techniques in the transportation field to improve effectiveness in the management of transportation of its livestock. The company can apply the following innovative methods to improve traffic in the following ways;

            The autonomous technology – The invention of autonomous vehicles that can drive on their own can profoundly enhance the effectiveness of Austrex transportation (Waytz, Heafner, et al., 2014, P 114 ). With the adoption of the technology, Austrex could improve its transportation systems as well as cut on the cost as the self-directing vehicles do not require drivers. Moreover, with the adoption of this technology, accidents will reduce especially those resulting from driver distractions. Also, transportation of livestock will be faster due to reduced traffic congestion.

            High-speed rail technology – This invention will help Austrex to reduce the average time spent in the transportation of livestock (Albalate and Fageda,2016, P 176 ). Reduction in transportation time will contribute significantly to the welfare of animals in transit.

            Underground transportation – Transportations on underground tunnels will allow the vehicles to move at high speed as there are little or no traffic congestions in the underground tunnels enabling the company to transport livestock to their destinations faster and efficiently promoting the safety of live meat in transit (Ilin, Olger et al., 2016, P 1675).

            Waze wars technologies – These inventions entail using mobile application technologies such as Apple maps, Waze as well as Google maps that allow drivers to quickly master and adapt to changing traffic conditions through rerouting to less congested routes (Moya-Gómez, Maria et al., 2018, p 277). Rerouting to less congested highways could help Austrex to deliver its supplies in shortened time thus enhancing its transportation efficiency.  

Controversies faced by live meat transport industries

            Recently, there has been a growing concern for the welfare of transported animals, which has resulted in intensified calls for policies aimed at protecting the animals in transit. Live meat transport industry in Australia has been accused of cruelty in the way animals are treated. Animals ferried are exposed to abuses, negligence as well as deprivation, exposing them to stress, injuries, and diseases (Favre, 2016, p 1674 ). This situation subjects animals to suffering. Live meat transport industries have been accused of lacking the capacity to promote the welfare of animals in transit in the following ways;

§ Lack of adequate balanced diet necessary to meet psychological needs.

§ Unavailability of fresh air, free of noxious gases

§ Physical restriction on animals

§ Exposure of animals to vibrations, unfavorable temperatures, and humidity.

§ Exposure to jolting and noise

§  Lack of proper ventilation

Impact of carbon tax on live meat transport industries

            Introduction of new carbon taxes will automatically increase the fuel prices leading to an increase in the transportation costs incurred by the meat transport industries. Increased costs may force the meat transport industry to raise the prices for their services and products to cover the extra costs resulting from the introduction of a carbon tax (Wang, Klaus et al., 2016, p 1126). An additional outlay to address to the above controversies is required because they form a threat to the industry. Reforms that promote animal welfare need to be undertaken to mitigate the allegations of the poor health of animals in transport.

            Animals transported are exposed to various transport risks. These risks include stress, injuries, diseases and death. Transport risks can be managed by putting in place practices that promote animal welfare. These practices include;

§ Proper, adequate ventilation

§ Provision of fresh air free from noxious gases.

§ Provision of a balanced diet feeding for the animals.

§ Minimizing exposure to jolting, noise, temperatures and vibrations

Suggestions to overcome live meat transport challenges

            Austrex can overcome problems related to living meat transport by ensuring that its livestock transportations conform to policies and regulations that guide animal transportation in different countries. Following instructions outlined in animal transport policies will enable Austrex to overcome challenges associated with meat transportation.


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September 04, 2023

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