The Role of Leadership Development in Fifth-Third Bank

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Fifth-Third Bank is regional banking institution in USA with headquarters in Ohio. It began on June 1858. After five years, the third national bank was established and started absorbing various smaller banks through mergers. Development of leaders in the fifth third bank can be attributed to Mary Tuuk (Boyantzis & Smith17).

Why the Bank Cares About Developing Leaders

Mary Tuuk triggered development of leaders through her role in leadership development. The more she deliberated on the issue with the executive, the more the idea developed. Kelvin Kabat after being convinced about the need for the program, he encouraged the executives to enroll, and the results were dramatic (Boyantzis & Smith 18). Mary's enhanced attainment of new revenues, profits, and advancements. After realizing personal and institutional developments, the executive of the bank adopted leadership training programs, thus the bank cares about it.

How Leaders Are Developed

The main objective of this program is to enhance emotionally intelligent leadership (Boyantzis & Smith 18). The program is to assist individuals to reflect on their basic values, passion and need to leave a leadership legacy. Participants in this program learn importance of resonant leadership, how resonant leaders can establish intelligent relationships and how chronic stress affects effectiveness and capability of a leader.

The second program was to enhance intentional development through nurturing growth and development in others (Boyantzis & Smith 18). The participants shared opinions and related intentional change with coaching programs. After this program, the participant received additional two coaching sessions. One included an update on personal vision while the other reflected on development from the other year. The participant also receives further feedback in other's coaching.

The third program has a goal of creating future-oriented leaders through development of competencies like mindfulness and adaptability (Boyantzis & Smith 18). It also purposes to create organizations that are emotionally intelligent. This is accomplished through the establishment of compassion and engagement. Between year2010 and 2012, the leaders who enrolled in the program have developed both personally and professionally (Boyantzis & Smith 18).

Advantages of Grooming Emotionally Intelligent Resonant Leaders

Coaching of leaders to be emotionally intelligent in resonant relationships has profound benefits. For instance, it has facilitated effectiveness in leadership roles. Leaders can identify emotional cues in others thereby enabling them to relate effectively (Boyantzis & Smith 20). The competencies gained are cognitive, emotional and social intelligence. Positive emotional attractors arise when the nervous system is prompted and gets future-oriented. Every Fifth Third Bank manager develops an effective vision and can engage with others within the bank (Boyantzis & Smith 20). The leader can incorporate hope, joy, probability and other regular positive conditions. The only disadvantage of these programs is that they are costly both financially and in time.

How the Bank Approach Coaching

The approach of the bank to coaching is through compassion (Boyantzis & Smith 22). Executives and managers discuss the requirement for someone improvement and implement them immediately. Coaching for compliance aims at tuning the juniors to conform to the seniors. Besides, coaching for compliance also helps workers to cognitively develop, rectify emotional and impairment, and sustain good performance through learning.


Fifth-Third Bank is USA banking institution. Coaching in the bank is attributed to Mary Tuuk who has managed to take the bank through times of financial crisis. Leaders in the bank are developed in three programs. The programs aim at developing leaders emotionally, intentionally and to be future-oriented. Grooming emotionally intelligent resonant leaders enables to develop both personally and professionally. The only disadvantage of these programs is time consuming and financial costs. Leaders of the bank approach coaching through compassion.

Works Cited

Boyatzis, Richard E., et al. "Developing resonant leaders through emotional intelligence, vision and coaching." Organizational Dynamics 42.1 (2013): 17-24.

January 19, 2024



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