The Role of Marketing in Coca-Cola

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Looking at the background of Coca-Cola, it is evident that planning has played a significant role in enhancing the performance of the firm in the industry, thus making it the largest soft drinks supplier. The firm is focused on promoting the health of the people as well as promoting a sustainable environment through the world. Despite the fact that the mission of the organization has been changing over time, Coca-Cola has been able to reach its set goals and objectives over the years explaining its strong market position (Harper et al., 2002). The presented aspect is supported by the use of clever marketing techniques and strategies which is common to the firm. Through its focus on the community and the its employee, the company has been able to achieve its set mission and objectives over the years making it competitive in the sector.

Question One Response

            For more than 125 years, Coca-Cola has taken the responsibility of refreshing the world. Through this, the company has been able to establish an iconic brand which bears its name. The presented unique moments evident in history have aided in the establishment of a global brand which offers several refreshment moments to various individuals across the globe. Taking a closer glance at the company’s history, it is evident that several themes have undergone some chances over the years. For instance, the company’s global strategy has continually undertaken a new turn from what it was in the 1980s. During the identified period, the global strategy of the firm was focused on bringing consumers on every continent refreshing products which could meet every lifestyle and occasion. The presented factor prompted the introduction of Diet Coke, a low-calorie drink. In 1982, a theme entitled “Coke Is It” was established to show the positive spirit of the company hence reaffirming its leadership in the industry. During the 1980s, “Can’t Beat the Feeling” campaign was evident during the 1980s with the theme of “Can’t beat the real thing” being evident during the 1990s. In 2006, a new theme, “The Coke Side of Life” was established in 2006 (Zegler, 2011).

            By looking at the presented changing themes, it is apparent that a link exists. Apparently, the firm sought to establish memorable and refreshing moments to the consumers at all times across the globe. It is evident that since 1886 when Coca-Cola was established in Atlanta in Georgia, the company has been a firm which fosters a social interaction inspired by the process of innovation (McLaughlin, 2018). It is clear that the company had a mission of establishing a favorable brand which was going to meet the interest of people from all regions. The firm’s vision was to become the leading producer within the beverage industry by providing refreshing products for consumers across the globe. The business strategy of the organization at the time was to improve the welfare of the society through the delivery of healthy products.

Question Two Response

            According to Ratoff (2016), a mission statement refers to a statement outlining the function of a company, including its competitive strengths and markets. Therefore, in the case of large firm’s such as Coca-Cola, a mission statement provides a definition of what the firm is about including other important aspects such as the reason for its existence (Brown, Yoshioka & Munoz, 2004). Three points are evident in the mission statement of Coca-Cola such refreshing the world, inspiring happiness and optimistic times, and establishing value to create a difference. Seeking to refresh the world is a mission of the firm whereby Coca-Cola seeks to provide its brand to meet the needs of the people by offering refreshments across the globe to suit their needs and lifestyle. The mission on inspiring happiness and optimistic times provides an indication that the organization seeks to bring people together during events alongside happy moments whereby people can share their brand alongside unforgettable moments with family and friends, thus strengthening their bonds. About establishing value to create a difference, Coca-Cola seeks to be a unique provider in the sector who is will to provide the consumers as well as the other stakeholders with values in order to be a market leader even with the existence of competitors.

Question Three Response

            By exploring the characteristics of the vision of top companies during the 1980s, it is clear that factors such as idea shapes the strategy of the firm is evident. A top company such as Pepsi always have a vision which offers a guide for its decision-making process. Coca-Cola’s vision is composed of 5 Ps such as people, portfolio, planet, profit and productivity. The vision of the presented top organisation is related to the presented five factors in that their vision outlines the kind of people the firm should employ to become successful in the industry. Additionally, the vision outlines the product that the company should deal with to generate a profit which is the third vision factor. The vision of the firms also guides on how the firm can ensure that its products reach a wide coverage to generate greater profits. The vision of the company also reveals the direction the firm should undertake to remain productive.

Section Two: Reflection

Purpose and value of teamwork

            The purpose of teamwork is to create an environment where each member is provided with a task to accomplish with the help of the others. Teamwork is of great importance and value since it fosters an environment of brainstorming by engaging in discussions.

Challenges and Benefits of working in teams

            Working in teams proved to be a challenge in various instances. Communication was one of the hardships experienced. Evidently, the team was composed of people from different cultural backgrounds, therefore, creating instances of misunderstanding as a result of cultural differences. Lack of participation was also common in this case. Some people failed to take part in the discussions hence making others overwork themselves at their expense. The major benefits noted was the ability to support each other and correct each other based on the fact that the members of the team were focused on a common goal.

Effective and efficient solutions

            To address the communication challenges, the members of the team agreed to ask for clarifications rather than spur arguments when they did not understand what the other meant. Additionally, the team members also saw the need to establish a team leader who was going to undertake the role of task distribution to ensure that each member remained active during the discussions.

Efficient capitalisation on the opportunities

            To capitalize on the opportunities which may arise as a result of teamwork, the group had a chance of meeting with each other at least twice a week whereby each member was going to report their progress and ask for clarifications where they did not understand. Additionally, the group leader was going to make announcements of any group accomplishments and encourage the team members to put an extra effort in their future work for a more positive outcome.



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