The Role of Strategic Leadership

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The strategic leadership decisions make profound and sustainable impacts whenever they incorporate the ideas and views from the stakeholders. The leadership needs to invite representatives from all the stakeholders – suppliers, customers, community among others – to come to an all-inclusive plan to come up with such decisions. Whenever all the stakeholders cannot be represented in a physical meeting, then they need to be involved in online conversations to gather their views. Moreover, the leadership can also include the representative of the stakeholders in brainstorming events.

The Questcor Pharmaceuticals in the US is one of the firms that practice effective decisions making that involves the active participation of all the stakeholders, through online and physical meetings. The Forbes has frequently recognized the CEO of Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Don M. Bailey as a productive decision maker.

Question Two

Breaking laws or evading regulations

Typical unethical cases when a firm can evade regulation includes evasion of tax submission and operating without a legitimate license. In such cases, the manager will fail to include the government agencies in their decision-making processes.

Legal but unethical behavior

            Examples of such case are when a firm decides to give insufficient amounts of wages to the employees and sell their products at exceedingly higher prices. In such ways, the firms comply with the legislative requirements but exploit the customers.

Acts of omission rather than commission

                An appropriate example of an act of omission is a failure to comply with the set environmental regulations – e.g., a petroleum company releasing raw, unfiltered greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Question Three

            The responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer spread over a broader domain of organizational leadership. It runs from the simple tasks of a delegation of duties to the more complicated roles of assessing the employees’ performance. The CEO constitutes, guides and manages the board of management. All other managerial dockets such as financial and grant administration as well as the human resources management depend on the leadership guidelines of the CEO. Besides, the CEO represents the firm in external meetings and builds the reputation of the firms through healthy public relations.

Question Four

            Strategic leadership can resist organizational change from different angles. First, the leader of the organization can build a spirit of resistance among the employees for fear of the unknown. Secondly, a leader can decide to empower the employees to capitalize on the positive sides of the current agenda that requires change. However, using such an approach may need additional capital to reinforce the existing features that require modification. The third strategy that strategic leaders can employ to resist change is by using alternative methods that cannot cause a massive shift in the organization. Nevertheless, the organizational leader has the responsibility of choosing the best alternative among the competing potential changes.

Question Five

            A typical case where I got trapped in a changing environment was in 2016 when one of the senior employees in our firm wanted to introduce a new smartcard gate pass. The cards were expensive, and most people gave excuses because their income would be deducted and used to produce such magnetic-stripe cards. Despite the resistance, the manager adopted the idea. However, the human resource manager organized for a meeting to address the contentious issues and the meeting resolved that the cards would be produced using the organizational funds. Therefore, through a well-planned meeting, the problem was solved, and both the employees and leadership were pleased.

October 24, 2023


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