The Role of the Manager in a Grocery Store

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Home Depot refers to a large warehouse where a shopper can find everything related to a particular field. A health club is usually a private club; it offers members facilities for exercising and physical fitness. An example being a health spa, this specializes in helping people to live a healthy life.  A health club also contains a business establishment where business is conducted, goods stored or even being processed for their members. 

                         Dealing with products associated with tangibility, heterogeneity and perishable goods the manager has to do the following, select the right people for the job that have the skills and are solution focused(Blut, Markus, et al. ,226-227). Dealing with such products requires staffs are well trained on a variety of services, they must know customer needs and experience to customer needs. Managers have to make sure instructions are clear and easy to understand (Brown and Stephen, 43-48). To capitalize on the market, they have to work extra hard from their similar competitors. Another major factor is fostering strong culture, employees should be aligned when it comes to the issues of service delivery, and they should feel like a philosophy.

                              In a pizza restaurant, the manager should target for perfect service delivery. Ignoring some clients and dealing with some can be the breaking point of the business, there should be equal and fair treatment of all their clients. It could be better to come up with an employee(s) experienced to solve the problem before it taints the image of the business to attend fully to these clients.

                           On dealing with the project on assessing the quality of services in a grocery store you have to do your groundwork. For one to carry a successful project one has to know the requirement of the project. One has to involve the stakeholders to understand what they expect and is it delivered. Stakeholders include customers, employees, and even suppliers.  The other factor one has to plan the schedule, know the risks and resources for this project. Identifying the manager for the project will make it successful; he will utilize the resources and has to understand the project requirements (Visnjic et al., 46-59). The leader has to communicate the plan and clarity on the progress of the project. Monitoring of the project is also vital to ensure standard and targets are met and finally, the manager has to deliver the assignment correctly.

                                When dealing with a furious customer one should listen to customer’s concern and solve it immediately (Meichenbaum, Donald, 125). Employees should stop blame work or giving excuses, try to look to the customer's interest. If you are not successful in calming the situation, take the notes of the fears this will make him/her see you are taking the concern. A cook should prepare another meal very fast and bring it to the client to calm the situation if it continues getting out of hand. Another way of solving the problem is giving discounts on food or even offers free dessert.

                Motivating students from the problems and advising them on the right path is an important task. The people given the responsibility of this task require motivation and to make them appreciated in their work. Awarding such people motivates them and feels vital in the school, and this makes them feel appreciated. Acknowledging such people in society makes them feel important and feel respected.

                       Doing business through smartphones is the new trend amongst the youths, we access services like shopping and paying goods and services. I am a big fan of doing this without unnecessary movement; however, my parents say I am getting lazy. It is hard to convince them that this new trend and we have to move with technology. They say they prefer face to face conversation to make them and their retailer relationship close.     

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September 18, 2023

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