The Role of Virtual Reality in Engineering

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Technology has facilitated the expansion of different engineering platforms and the need to come up with new ideas that can aid in solving some of the common problems today. The correlation between engineering has opened doors for research and development where ideas can be transformed into functioning realities which are implemented to normal operations to increase efficiency and delivery of service(Wu et al., 2017). At the University of Memphis, the aspect of engineering and technology is of key importance particularly at the Herff College of Engineering. One of the goals at the College of Engineering is working towards results that bridge the existing gap between the formation of ideas and actualization into reality. The strategy employed by the engineering team entails application of Engineering Technology (ET) which involves the process of engaging the learners in the comprehension of concepts and equipment for a sustainable implementation of engineering designs.

One our key area of focus is virtual reality and its application to engineering. Virtual reality has been incorporated in engineering works to enable the proper design process and efficiency in the level of workmanship. The concept of virtual reality is employed through the use of 3D modeling tools that aid in the process of coming up with the necessary visualization techniques(Boga, Kansagara, & Kannan, 2017). For the engineering students at the University of Memphis, the choice for design aspect regarding the use of virtual reality will entail the identification of a common goal that will facilitate the creation of the engineering design. Managing the design aspect of engineering work will entail following several steps necessary for the successful project. First is the identification of the problem(Gonzalez, 2016). Virtual reality is a tool that is used to offer a platform for assessing the different parts of the design before the actual project as a means of increasing efficiency. Once the team of engineering students have identified the problem, they can proceed to come up with ideas on the various available solutions.

Coming up with solutions will lead to the second phase which is conducting background research. For the team to have data to aid in the creation of a 3D model, there is a need for additional data which can be sourced through extensive research(Boga et al., 2017). In the process, the team will be in a position to establish which are the key components for their design and the processes involved to actualize their design. The third step will entail the specifications of requirements where the team will identify the necessary components and their ability to work with their intended goal(Wu et al., 2017). The next step will involve the analysis of solutions and the final selection of the best solutions which will meet their engineering goal. The final and important stage is the creation of the prototype which will be aided with the use of the virtual reality tool(Wu et al., 2017). At this stage, the team can try and piece together the various elements using the 3D virtual reality tool and make necessary adjustments to ensure there is guaranteed efficiency in their final design.

The mission for the team of engineering students at the University of Memphis revolves around the need to come up with reliable, safe and cost-effective concepts that will ensure progressing to a dynamic and responsive engineering design. The application of virtual reality in their designs will assist the team to formulate ideas that can be transformed into actualized goals and they will aid in solving engineering problems(Gonzalez, 2016). Additionally, their mission will coincide with the need for cost effectiveness where the virtual reality platform has created the leeway for testing new products and techniques which will ensure reduction on design costs and ensure safety through proper planning(Wu et al., 2017). Similar to all engineering teams, the University of Memphis engineering students are keen to ensure they maintain the expected level of standard based on the existing culture of professionalism. The team’s values identify the need for superior performance in their engineering designs with proper adherence to professional integrity(Boga et al., 2017). As a team, the aspects of accountability, innovation, reliability, quality, efficiency, collaboration, safety, and customizable solutions form the basis of their values.

The work of the team is to incorporate the skills acquired from ET to develop robust ideas that can be implemented in the future of engineering designs(Wu et al., 2017). The team works with lasers and plasma cutters alongside other robotics which is aided by welding and computer-aided machines to ensure efficiency in their design plans. The team needs a wide array of factors to realize its goals which include databases, networking, and access to adequate resources to actualize their goals in engineering designs through the use of virtual reality techniques(Boga et al., 2017). The team’s budget is based on

The assessment of the expected expenses and income

Comparisons with previous projects

The availability of the funds for the venture

An analysis of the pre-design requirements

The analysis of initial design options

The team of engineering students at the University of Memphis have the vision of ensuring they are the leading research team that is tasked with the duty of identifying and creating engineering designs of the future.

August 21, 2023



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