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The Significance of "State of Grace"

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“State of grace” actually means a pure illusion. In the context of Desert Dance, the author describes the situation she used to be in as not knowing if she was dreaming when you consider that she knew she was awake. She further explains that she had a feeling of happiness in her dream and is totally burdened whether she was awake or dreaming. Also, she in addition tells of dreaming of being a child once more and vividly remembers the memories she used to have when she was a child and feels this dream may want to come true.
Purpose and Audience
The purpose of the author in her essay is to introduce challenges to individuals who may be planning family trips. She notes down that they had to spend the night in their old wagon since all the hostels in Flagstaff had been occupied. Therefore, only the expensive ones had not been occupied by the people, who came to attend the sporting activity in Flagstaff. The audience she addresses is mainly the lovers of trips. She continues to pose more important challenges they can experience while on their travels.

Method and Structure

The method she uses to capture the attention of the readers is evident from the numerous styles and expressions she uses to capture the main parts of her story. The structure mainly comprises of ideophones and other forms of writing to bring to attention the primary purpose of her writing.


In conclusion, the author uses different styles to explain their trip to Winslow. It is a one night experience, and she clearly describes the events one after another in a sequential manner capturing every event from the start of their trip to the last.

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