The Social Harms of Bitch

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According to Sherryl et al, the solutions on the legality of the operating article within the public space titled the social harms of a “bitch” attracts attention of the public in general and the lawmakers with divergent opinions on describing a’ bitch’. The term ‘bitch’ was once commonly used in the fourteen century to describe women, but earlier it was once used to describe dogs. It was a slang word used to describe those female who are undesirable and high sex drive which was once considered dangerous. With regard to these remarks, this paper seeks to discuss the criticism and analysis of the article through finding out the relevant and irrelevant part of the edition.


According to the feminist in this article, the term ‘bitch’ is an acceptable word and there is no doubt that it is used to refer to females if not a non-human creature. This is because the authors believe that women could behave in different-spirited ways; thus, the word ‘bitch’ can be used to relate to sexism. Based on this article, some group of people prefer to be called by their group’s dominant term for example being called ‘bitch’ than ‘jerk’. The desire of saying ‘bitch’ retains women form unity, dividing them to bad and good women. In the past decades, the term bitch has increasingly been used by college students, some women who warmly extend greetings with ‘Hi, bitches,’ which extends to feminists themselves.

Despite the intention of people by placing’ bitches’ in public each and every time, the message displayed is that it is also accepted for men to use. Afterward, an oppressed group uses it to define themselves. The preference derived by using the word ‘bitch’ whether as old-fashioned or female generic is an example of incorrect power. Since ‘bitch’ is everywhere some people enjoy using it, although it is not offensive, but it hurts women as a group unintentionally (Mchugh 85).

Therefore incorrect power can deliver moods of liberation amongst the burdened group which makes hard for them to see the absence of empowerment in culture. When ‘bitch’ is said by girls and women, it covers inequality, repels attention from its destruction, or offers insufficient payment for sexism. If a woman trusts that a little of sexism exists, incorrect power gives room for her to be certain that other females are possible victims of prejudice not her. Sexist language, gives individuals answers to social difficulties which does not bully prestige quo. Feminism is a movement with the vision of enabling men and women to come together to bring an end to patriarchy by replacing it with a society which values humanity in which terms like ‘bitch’ will be the history of the past (Sherryl et al. 658).


‘Bitch’ in whatever way it is used, whether as an empowerment tool or as a joke brings out the patriarchal nature of society that shows women are not fully human and does not deserve respect and dignity compared to men. This makes the article a sexism thing which indicates a kind of violence against women, but thanks to feminism in its belief that women and men are equal not biologically and hence needs to be treated with equal human dignity.

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August 09, 2021

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