The Study of Christ

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The Study of Christology

The study of Christology encompasses the study of the person of Jesus Christ. It focuses on his conception of being both fully God and fully human. This hypostatic union is important for believers because it enables them to become right with God. It is important to understand that Jesus had to be both fully human and fully divine in order to identify with humanity and overcome death. Christology is much more than a dry academic pursuit; it is an important celebration of God drawing near.

The Central Component of Christian Theology

The study of Christ is a central component of Christian theology. It deals with the person and nature of Jesus, as well as the relationship between Jesus and his Father. It also clarifies the nature of Jesus' teachings and the role of Jesus in salvation. The study of Christ is often divided into four major areas.

The Evolution of Christology

Christology has evolved in the centuries since the Reformation. The Reformation period saw the adoption of a view that Christ possesses both divine and human nature. In modern times, Christology is a contested topic. Some scholars believe that it is important to understand Christ's nature, and that he is both God and man.

The Immortal Existence of Christ

The study of Christology also includes consideration of his immortal existence prior to his earthly life. The Old Testament prophecies of Christ reveal that he was both human and divine. As the son of God, Jesus fulfilled the promises made to the people of Israel in the Old Testament. As a result, he became the ultimate object of worship.

The Early Christian Understanding of Christ

Early Christians had a lot of questions about the nature of Christ. Some Gnostics rejected the human nature of Jesus and others, like Arius, depicted his divinity as inferior to the Father. However, the early churches finally agreed on a creed, known as the Nicene Creed, which outlines Jesus' humanity, deity, and earthly existence. It also discusses Christological prophecies in the Old Testament and his future return.

The Preexistence and Relationship of the Son

Early Christian terminology stressed two themes: the preexistence of the Son and the preexistence of all good in the universe. These themes were important in the debate over Christology. The first of these themes was the idea that Jesus was subordinate to his Father. The second was that he had a special relationship to the Father.

Christ as the Ultimate Lord

While St. Paul emphasized the first-born character of Christ, there is another important point to remember: Christ is the ultimate Lord. All humans and all other creatures are created through Him. It is in Christ that our union with Christ is founded. And this unity is the foundation of our faith and holiness. The Old Testament prophecies of Christ reveal that he was both human and divine. As the son of God, Jesus fulfilled the promises made to the people of Israel in the Old Testament.

The Hypostatic Union and the Two Natures of Christ

The relationship between Christ's human and divine nature was the subject of much debate in the early church, and also during the first seven ecumenical councils. The Council of Chalcedon formulated the hypostatic union of Christ's two natures, which states that Christ has two natures. The term miaphysitism was used to distinguish between these two views.

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