The Technology advancement and its impact on humanity

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The Impact of Technological Advancement on Human Behaviors

The word technology has many uses, but in general, it refers to the functional application of science in a specific field. Indeed, technology is an important part of the human world, and it has played a significant role in defining today's global culture. Humanity strongly depends on technology and incorporates technical solutions into its operations. Humans are affected by technology in a variety of ways, including how they work, ride, connect, read, and buy goods (Duchin, 123). As a result, technological development affects human behaviors and improves the way people accomplish their tasks. Therefore, through the advancement in technology, it is evident that the humankind will be affected and as we approach the future, such changes may cause major impacts to the society.

Advantages of Technological Advancement in the Human Environment

Technological advancement may cause various advantages in the human environment. Advancement in technology provides opportunities for connection thus enabling individuals to connect with each other in a more convenient means. Communication is key in every aspect of the environment and is used by organizations and individuals to convey a relevant message. The possible means of connections between two parties include mobile phones and the internet (Pinn, 247). With the advancement in technology, individuals and organizations can incorporate the new technologies to improve their connectivity. For instance, the speed of internet was averagely low in the past years and resulted in delays in connectivity and communication. However, with advancement in technology, the speed of internet has grown tremendously and has it has spread widely thus allowing the flexibility in connectivity (Pinn, 253). Such changes are promising to the future generations and guarantee growth in the industrial sector as well as the telecommunication sector.

Improvement in Healthcare and its Importance

The advancement in technology will assist in creating a more healthy humankind thus minimizing the mortality rates in the world. This is because new medical applications have been developed to help in diagnosing patients and monitoring the health of patients. For this reason, most patients will access medical information in an easy means and thus promote a healthy lifestyle. The growth of a healthy society will guarantee a more productive workforce that will be innovative and productive in performance (Brookhart, 86). Therefore, the advancement in technology will be helpful to the humanity and will ensure growth in future.

Global Market Growth through Technological Advancement

The advancement in technology has enhanced trade among nations thus resulting in growth of the global market (Uzych, 798). Indeed, nations operate at a comparative advantage where a nation produces what is has an advantage of producing and importing the goods that it cannot produce. Through technological advancement, the level of trade has grown and goods have been able to be transferred easily through air and trains. Furthermore, more storage technologies have been incorporated to such activities to take place. For this reason, the advancement in technology will be helpful in future and will enhance the availability of various goods and services at a low cost.

Technological Advancements in Education

Education is an important factor in the society and it has been improved through technological advancements. In the previous era, education was limited due to its inaccessibility into different developing nations. Through the advancement in technology, education has been advanced and information has been made easily available on the internet (Pinn, 260). For instance, most scholars conduct primary researchers and post them as articles on the internet. The various articles provide secondary information to an individual and eases the means of gathering information. On the other hand, digital learning is a new trend that has allowed students to learn virtually without the presence of lecturers. This happens in a way that lecturers record their lessons and post them on the internet. The students then download the lessons and sit for their online exams. Such activities have been made possible through the advancement in technology and the continuous growth in technology guarantees a much convenient means of learning for students.

Improved Efficiency in Work through Technological Advancements

Technological advancement has made work easier and has helped the organizations in carrying out work in a more faster and accurate way. Indeed, various companies are diverging into capital intensive rather than labor intensive technologies (Duchin, 126). With technological growth, special robots have been created to perform the work humans in a faster means and more accurate means thus being a proper replacement for human workers. In addition, more machines have been created to perform heavy duties that cannot be handled by human workers. For this reason, the speed of performance in the industrial sector will allow higher productivity of quality goods to satisfy the needs of the growing population. Therefore, the advancement in technology will be helpful in future since it will promote the production of higher quality and quantity of goods thus satisfying the global demand.

Challenges of Technological Advancement

On the other hand, technological advancements pose a great danger in future and may result in adverse negative effects to the society. For instance, technological advancement has made individual more mechanical and this trend poses to be a great danger to humankind (Brookhart, 92). Lately, humans have become over dependent on technology and without the technology, individuals feel as if something is missing. For instance, home appliances have been developed to assist families in conducting house chores in an easy means. For this reason, individuals will loose the skill of performing such duties.

The advancement of technology poses a great danger to the future generation in that the skillful attributes of innovation and creativity has been left to be performed by machines. It is a fact that the more involved a person is towards a particular activity generates the innovation gap to identify the areas of improvement. However, since more work is left to the machines and the technological devices, the human beings becomes detached with the real operations thus lack the motive to create the need analysis for improvement (Uzych, 802). For this reason, the future generation will lack innovative ideas and will rely on technology to perform most of their duties.

The tremendous advancement in technology will cause an addictive behavior of the younger generation thus distracting them from their responsibilities. For instance, smartphones and video games have become a cause of distraction to the young individuals resulting in addictive behaviors (Duchin, 134). With the advancement in technology, students may become less focused on schools thus affecting their academic and social lives. Such a situation poses a great danger to the future generation since their level of education and physical health may be compromised.

In addition, the advancement in technology may be manipulated by terrorists to hack into government systems thus compromising the national safety (Jesse, 93). Indeed, technology has enabled hackers to access sensitive information and also transfer funds from banks to their accounts. Such actions create a loop and become a great threat to the American government. This means that as the advancement in technology progresses in future, such cases of hacking and cyber bullying will be rampant and will cause adverse effects such as increased cyber crimes and facilitate terrorism activities (Pinn, 253).

The advancement in technology has also resulted in the growth of the industrial sector and such growth has contributed to the pollution of the natural environment. Several cases of illnesses and cancers have been caused by pollution that is generated from industrial emissions. As technology advances in future, the aspect of pollution will increase thus affecting the health of the future humanity.


In conclusion, technology is incorporated into the day-to-day activities of humans and its change affects the natural environment both positively and negatively. The level technology has grown and this factor contributes to the changes in human activities and the environment as a whole. The various advantages of technological advancements in future include the enhanced connectivity and communication, improvement in education systems, enhanced productivity, and improved medical services. Such advantages will be beneficial to the future generation and will promote the growth of the global environment. On the other hand, the challenges of technological advancement include; increased cyber crimes, distract the students through games, and increase pollution of the environment. On a neutral perspective, I tend to agree with the fact that technological advancement will be beneficial to the future generation.

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