The trust on the government

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Since 1960, most European countries that have witnessed economic revolutions have seen a decline in faith in the government. Though the rate of decline in trust has not been shown to be the same, there has been a shift in how citizens see their respective administrations. The government of the Netherlands is one of the countries that has seen an opposite trend in public confidence from the 1970s to the mid-1990s, with their trust in the government dramatically changing as a result of their government expressing serious worries about their governments. Various countries have stated various reasons for their lack of trust in their governments. Various countries have blamed it on the mismanagement of the funds that the government holds, some have blamed it on the theme of separatism that the governments are seen to be putting in progress.

Some countries that had invested a lot of trusts in their countries later changed the view of their national politics and decided not to trust it any more. The United States makes one of the countries that have realized the industrial growth and its citizens do not have the trust in their running governments. Articles have been put down to try explain the reasons that contribute to the rising rates of loss of trust in the current day headline, In some countries, some of the political leaders have resigned from office following the loss of trust from the public. In some cases, they resign because they feel that the governments are indulging into actions that they do not find tolerable.

The main reason why most citizens do not trust their political systems is the democratic malaise. There are several symptoms that have been associated with the low voter turnout and involvement in the various positions in the civic leaderships. The poor performance of government in most instances is the major factor that contributes to the loss of trust in the running government. The factor that leads to the loss of trust is failure in fully running the economic sectors of the government. Apart from the running of the government economy in the incorrect direction, the citizens loose trust in the government because of the corruption scandals that normally befall them. Corruption is a problem that has been found to affect both the developing and the developed countries. The youth have the view that the government is always corrupt and they do not want to get involved with it in most instances following what they have been getting from those whom they consider to be their elders. It has been found that majority of the elders who are above fifty five years old have progressively lost trust in the government following the years of industrial revolution. The residents of Canada have been noted to have great trust in their governments. Their trust in the government in a scale of three is averagely two. This shows that as much as they are growing in terms of the industries being established, they still have the guts of trusting in what their current government has to tell them. It has been confirmed that the probability that the junior would not have trust in the government also relies on how the seniors perceive the government.

April 19, 2023

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