The Unreplaceable Role of the Healthcare in the Society

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The Unreplaceable Role of Healthcare in Society

The unreplaceable role of the healthcare in the society gives an unenviable role of serving a very large pool of individuals. There are a variety of ways for firms in the sector to target and reach audiences due to advancements in technology. Despite this, marketers must have in mind that at the end of the day a healthcare organization is still a business. Services offered by a healthcare provider must be feasible from an economic standpoint for the organization to support their continuation. In cases where such services are discontinued, the organization is bound to face public backlash especially if the initiative enjoyed immense support from the public. The first challenge that the organization must contend with when marketing other products and services an increased trust gap. The public’s perception of the healthcare provider is bound to suffer since the decision to pull the plug on the service is likely to lead to increased suffering among members of the society. The skepticism is likely to traverse all the firm’s offerings even those with a remote association with the dropped service. The organization could also lose a substantial proportion of its market after dropping the service. Most socially popular programs cater to the needs of the lower strata of the society. Dropping such a service could, therefore, lead to the loss of a critical connection with the targeted community.

Negative Perception and Mitigation

Negative perception is a major problem for any brand since it could potentially lead to the substantial loss of business if not mitigated. In this case, it is necessary for the marketing team to study and understand the needs of the market segment that has been affected by the move (Bigné, Currás-Perez, & Aldás-Manzano, 2012). The information gained from such a move would help in the development of an actionable plan that will give the segment of the society what they need. This process should involve all key stakeholders inside and outside the organization in order to create a program that will be suitable for everyone.


Bigné, E., Currás-Pérez, R., & Aldás-Manzano, J. (2012). Dual nature of cause-brand fit: Influence on corporate social responsibility consumer perception. European Journal of Marketing, 46(3/4), 575-594.

September 18, 2023



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