the US –Cuba relations

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In 2015, diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba were restored, and embassies were established. Some of the primary issues that were being addressed included migration, as most Cubans were stranded in Central America on their way to the United States, and Cuba's economic future, as they want an oil contract with the United States (Montovani, 2016).

Even after President Obama's visit and vow that "I have come here to bury the final remnant of the Cold War in the Americas," the conflict between the United States and Cuba has not changed significantly. The government of Cuba is still after ensuring that the system of socialist is still in place (Renwick, Lee & McBride). This system includes the private enterprise measure and the investment in the foreign countries. On the other hand, the United States is committed to ensure that the system of socialism comes to an end (Látková, Jordan, Vogt, Everette & Aquino, 2017). However, the United States this time is expected to achieve that by providing goodies to Cuba and not using forceful means (Patterson, 2016).

Human trafficking, environmental protection and also counter-narcotics are some of the areas where the two counties have agreed to work together (Fullerton, Kendrick & Broyles, 2017). The united states have accepted the issues that were raised by Cuba on the migration of Cuba people to the United States. In addition, the US have agreed to uniquely favor their treatment even in the future.

At the current states those people who arrive at the US from Cuba are allowed to enter even without full authorization papers. They are then provided with an additional benefit of Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) after staying in the US for at least one year. The Cubans are taken as the refugees who are seeking protection and that is why their entry I usually easily granted (Zawatsky & Gemma, 2015).

The US is focused in setting up economic sanctions on Cuba in a strategy that is intended to pushing the country to drop the socialist model. The US was also committed to maintaining trade embargo and putting in place travel ban and also other restrictions financially (Serbin, 2016). President Obama called the strategy as outdated and in the Five decades that the US isolated Cuba did not work in the main objective of improving democracy, growth and stability in US.

Currently, the United States immigration law favors the Cuba nationality to the entry in the US in several ways (Perez, 2014) The green-card eligibility that is given to Cuba there is no any other state that receives it, the Cuba once they appear at the ports of the US they are directly accepted into the United States, Cuba nationality are given the Visas so easily compared to the other states (Shifter, 2016).

The Cuba people are exempted from the deportation and immigration enforcement laws which are applied to all non-citizens. Lastly, they receive federal assistance that is not given to the non-citizens and they are also treated as the refugees (Caperk, 2016). After the implementation of the steps that were intended to normalize the relationship, trade and travel between the two states increased as the travel policies and trade are also maintained (Rosen & Kassab, 2016).

The relationship between the two countries have had both political and economic benefits. For sure the relationship will make it for the people of the United States to travel to Cuba (Cohen, Hillyard, Neville & Galler, 2015). The United financial institutions will be able to open up the banks in Cuba and also the Americans will be able to use the credit and debit cards in the country. The remittances limits on the amount of money being sent to Cuba have been increased (Zahniser & Cooke, 2015). The telecommunications connections have also been enhanced between the two countries as president Obama had ordered during his visit to the country. The Cuba people have been allowed to earn dollars from the American companies in addition to the friendly entry into the United States. Direct flights from the United States to Cuba have also been enhanced (Torres, 2016).

The US want the people of Cuba to be stable, free and prosper (Hoffman, 2016). In doing so, the United States should uphold the economic restrictions that may in one way or another can be of benefit to the government of Cuba, the security, or intelligence in the expense of the Cuban people. Although the relationship is expected to form more bridges than walls between the two governments.


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