The US Japanese internment

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The Japanese internment in the United States was a significant and contentious event that occurred in 1942 during World War II. During this time, all people of Japanese ancestry were denied their freedom and imprisoned in well-guarded camps with deplorable human conditions. It was triggered by the Japanese government's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which prompted panic and widespread anxiety in the United States. Following that, President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, requiring the evacuation of the West Pacific Coast due to security concerns. However, the population that dominated this region was the Japanese Americans who were legally citizens of America and Japanese aliens.

Considering the event, a number of scholars hold different opinions about the occurrence of the event. The controversial views held were either for or against the event. This research was aimed at analyzing the correctness of the sources in explaining the US Japanese internment during the War. Cohen et al. (208) explained that the historic event was geared by existing hatred and racism against Japanese Americans by white Americans. The historic prejudice and racial discrimination had been experienced before the War (in 1905 California Anti-Miscegenation Law). Further, Kinoshita claimed that, the event was against the constitutional rights of the 71,000 Japanese Americans who among the Japanese forcefully relocated (Gentry 19). They had the right to be treated as American citizens but it was violated. In the course of the event, the properties of that were owned by the Japanese Americans were destroyed and they were compelled to stay in camps with poor housing, medical, and weather conditions. Furthermore, Bush (37) posted that, the torture and severe damage caused on the Japanese Americans resulted in psychological and physical stress.

On the contrary, Reeves (51), Ng (19), and Gitlin (22-27) were for the event to be considered the event worth occurring by then. It was due to security state of the Pacific Coast by then and the entire country. In addition, it was worth sacrificing the Japanese Americans for the security of the state than risking the entire population. In addition to that, the result of the internment was the total freedom for the Japanese Americans.

The author Reeves in his source clearly explained and evidently showed the significance of the historic event. Therefore, it was one of the best sources, which articulated and opened up the field for more research along the same path. Consequently, the security of a country was paramount than the security of a few individuals, hence, the event was worth happening at that time in history.

May 17, 2023

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