The Worldview: Understanding the Global Context

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In this paper, a reflection is conducted on the global perspective by focusing on the diverse perspectives that are encountered, impacts on others and the environment occupied and preferences and future developments.

Diverse perspectives encountered

Globalization is an aspect that has had a direct impact on the ways of lives for individuals around the world (Lemert 65). Personally, I have to say that my life has in one way or the other been impacted positively by globalization. With the growth in the popularity of the social media platforms, I have managed to interact freely with individuals from different parts of the globe and in the process; I have been able to gather information about the cultures for various cultural and ethnic groups. Having spent most of my life in the UK, there are things that I have learned pertaining to cultures, political and economic stability, and religion. Most of the diverse perspectives that I have encountered have in one way or the other shaped my life.

Immigration stands as one of the things that I have encountered in my life that have changed my views on individuals from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. When I joined the university, I developed friendships with persons from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Micah, a Syrian civilian, has been one, my friends. As a Syrian civilian, he fled the country because of the conflicts in the nation. The story of Micah provided me with a broader understanding of the factors that contribute to immigration around the world. War and conflicts are a major factor that forces individuals to flee their countries. In the past decade, the number of refugees from nations such as Syria, Yemen, and Iraq has been on the rise, and this is majorly attributed to conflicts.

Another encounter that has impacted my awareness has been the connections between religion and terrorism. The London Bridge attack of 2017 and the August 2018 vehicle plunging on cyclists and pedestrians outside parliament were described as terrorist attacks. The issues of terrorism in various countries around the world, in this case, the UK, have been linked to the Islamist states. The media and the political class in some countries have forced people to believe that Islam as a religion advocates for acts of terrorism. However, my interactions with Muslim friends have made me understand that Islam hardly promotes violence. There are sections of radicalized individuals that have created terrorist groups such as ISIL that promote terrorism (Ozbilgin, Tatli and Jonsen 40).

Climate change is a perspective that I have also encountered that ha in one way or the other impacted my awareness in various aspects of life. I have been lucky enough to visit the African continent and parts of Asia. One of the things that I discovered is that several parts of the continents are faced with low rainfall. My friends from Australia also have on several occasions informed me that the climatic and weather patterns have changed significantly across the years. Climate change is real and is caused by factors such as industrial pollution, poor agricultural activities, and desertification by humans with the aim of creating rooms for settlement. The issue of global warming is a consequence of climate change, and this has led to the expansion of deserts, an increase in the ocean tables and unpredictable weather patterns. Some scientists argue that with the ever-increasing rates of global warming, cities such as London may in the next 100 years be submerged in water. I tend to agree that climate change, and to be precise, global warming, need to be dealt with effectively, failure to which the consequences may turn out to be severe.

Equality and mutual respect are perspectives that I have encountered and have an impact on my life. My interactions with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds have shown me that all people require equal opportunities irrespective of their race, gender or religion. Companies, thus, have to be on the forefront in ensuring that they embrace the culture of diversity and inclusivity in their workplaces. The strategy is essential in that it contributes to the mitigation of conflicts and at the same time improves the productivity of the employees. Mutual respect and transparency are values that I apply in most of the things that I do. I am well aware that relationships are strengthened by respect, honesty, and trust. In the next one year, I will expand my circle of friends, and in the process, I will be able to strengthen my understanding of the various values that are embraced so dearly by my friends from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Development of self-awareness and impact that I have on others and surrounding environs

Over the years, I have improved my values such as honesty, integrity, and respect. I do believe that all individuals deserve respect irrespective of their social class, race or age. When I was growing up, my parents always advised about the need for leading a life that is founded on good morals and values. In the modern day, I still apply the values that I got from my parents, and I have to say that they have a positive impact on my surroundings. Respect for others, for instance, helps me to develop strong friendships that shape my life in a positive way. Integrity and honesty are values that I can also say that have had a positive impact on my life.  As an honest individual that values integrity, I am a darling of many persons in my community and at school. The respect for others provides me with the motivation to promote diversity and inclusion while at the same time dealing with issues of racial and religious discrimination. I am strongly against any social injustice issue thus the fight for equal opportunities for individuals that are categorized to as vulnerable.

Individuals are impacted by factors such as past experience, the type of people that they associate with and their families. I impact others and the surrounding environs in various ways. Firstly, I have to say that I have excellent leadership skills. As good leaders, I have always been on the forefront in actively advocating for the elimination of pollution while at the same time promoting awareness on the need for the integration of initiatives that can contribute to the elimination of global warming. Plastic pollution is an issue of concern in my community. Most of the households have on several occasions engaged in unwanted habits of poor disposal of plastic wastes. By relying on my unique leadership skills, I have in the recent past come up with a program that aims at addressing the challenge of plastic pollution. I have set aside Saturday as a day for my engagement with the community in advising them about the need for the eradication of plastic pollution. Additionally, I utilize the program for the promotion of tree planting exercises and the education of the society members about the negative effects of climate change on humanity. Much progress has been observed in my community in terms of the elimination of plastic pollution and an increase in the number of trees that are planted in a week. From a broad perspective, I have to say that through my communal engagement, I have positively impacted the community by encouraging them to deal with pollution and the challenge of climate change effectively.

Social injustices are not as rampant in the developed countries as the developing countries. In the UK, social injustice is experienced in some regions, and this has a devastating effect on the persons that are directly affected (Ozbilgin, Tatli and Jonsen 45). Since I was a child, I have always believed that all humans deserve to be treated with respect irrespective of their race or gender. In my community and at school, I am a champion for diversity and inclusivity as well as I fights for the rights of those persons that I consider vulnerable. In the surrounding environs where I come from, reports have on several occasions been raised in regards to racial discrimination and the segregation of individuals from specified religions. Such practices are outdated and unacceptable, and this has forced me to start raising awareness to the individuals on the need for respecting one another and promoting equality. I have also asked community leaders to help in designing programs that will have a positive impact on the elimination of racial and religious discrimination. At school, I have gained respect from a large percentage of the students because of my efforts of encouraging diversity and inclusivity while dealing with any challenges of racism that arises. I have managed to show my fellow students that all individuals deserve equal opportunities irrespective of their gender, race or religion.

Preferences for learning and future developments

The rise in the popularity of social media has led to the enhancement in social networking. Personally, I rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for learning more about global news. The platforms can also be used for the promotion of awareness about the need for dealing with climate change and the elimination of global conflicts. However, some individuals and groups rely on social media for the promotion of hate and the radicalization of the youths that end up joining terrorist groups.

I have to say that the Lead Event lessons have provided me with detailed information pertaining to the global perspective that will be of immense value to my life. Firstly, I have learned that political and economic stability are inter-related. Countries that are faced with challenges of political instability such as Syria will always experience challenges such as a decline in their economies as well as an increase in the number of persons that immigrate to the stable countries in Europe and the U.S.

Diversity, inclusivity, and equality are among the values that my school promotes, and I have learned that the values are integral in the daily lives of individuals. In the modern day, social injustice issues such as racial discrimination, religious segregation, and gender inequality continue to be a concern in both the developed and the developing countries (Wang and Liu 56). From my point of view, implementation of superb programs and raising awareness are among the efforts that governments and individuals can embrace in promoting equality. Organizations, for instance, through their HR departments, have to ensure that they hire skilled and qualified workers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Individuals in societies, learning institutions and companies, also have to be made aware of the fact that no religion is bad religion, thus eliminating issues of religious segregation.

In the quest for future development, there are various measures that I will have to embrace. Firstly, I will attend seminars that focus on global perspective regularly. The seminars will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about cultural values, international relationships and the approaches to be embraced in dealing with challenges that may arise on the global platform. Moreover, I will meet individuals from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds that will update me with information on the global happenings.

I will broaden my circle of friends in such a way that I will effectively form teams that will be tasked with the promotion of awareness on climate change and social injustice issues around. The move will be useful in that it will help in dealing with social injustice challenges such as racial discrimination and gender inequality. In the process, I will also strengthen my ability to promote equality effectively. I will also rely on the support from my friends to create programs and initiatives that will be instrumental for addressing climate change issues.


Disagreements and political instability trigger international conflicts. Institutions and countries have to implement measures that will have a positive impact on societies by dealing with social injustice issues, climate change and promoting economic stability.

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September 18, 2023
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