Thirdlove: A Case Study

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Thirdlove Company

Thirdlove is an American company that has been highly devoted to its elegant performance regarding the production and supplying of women bras, loungewear, underwear, and nightwear. Since the establishment of the company way back in 2013, the company had tremendously used and implemented technology to allow the customers benefit from the service such as the developed app, that helps women to measure themselves at home to determine what will suit them best (Thirdlove, 2017). Through the use of technology and other leadership skills such as inspiration, as well as taking challenges, their love has tremendously progressed as well as using these strategies to compete in the market favorably.


Among one of the most significant milestones in any business is ensuring that the team you have is satisfied to ensure the company is under control. The company uses this strategy to inspire the employees as a way of motivating and boosting their performances (Thirdlove, 2017). As a result, the employees have explicitly contributed to the growth of the company, through the use of their creativity in determining the consumers’ preferences.

Competitive idea

Try before you buy it is one of the techniques the company has extensively used to capture the hearts of many. Drawing back from the founder’s experience in what came to be renown as the Thirdlove company, the founder of the company had a bad experience in wearing a bra that made her uncomfortable. However, through her experience, this gave her a new idea to be incorporated into her new company. Thirdlove Company provides an opportunity through its website and mobile phone app to the women to try before they buy it as a way of determining if the product will suit them. Through this, the company has favorably competed locally, increasing their equity and market value of the company.

Additional products

Thirdlove has tremendously developed the company’s brand through other additional matching products that have been a success to the company. Through the incorporation of other products such as loungewear, underwear, and nightwear, this has helped build a trusted brand that offers relatively related products which give customers a vast of choice in choosing their products.


Thirdlove. (2017). One Message Does Not Fit All: How ThirdLove Built Its Growing Team. Retrieved from

September 18, 2023



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