Transgender Equality; Cultural Production

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Back in the day, sex was only used to indicate one of two genders: male or female. This includes anatomical characteristics such as chromosomes, reproductive organs, and external genitalia. Gender is a term used to describe how people behave, communicate, and feel about themselves. Many cultural concepts of biological sex are similar; however, gender can vary. Transgender, on the other hand, is a term used to describe people whose gender identity or language differs from that which is usually synonymous with birth. That is, rather than possessing manly features or attitudes, males act or behave like women. There is a huge rise in transgenderism with mostly the teenagers experimenting with it. This has often brought about conflict among the society, the opponents and proponents of trangenderism. His paper shall seek to explore the issue of transgenderism, its place in the society and the conflicts it presents.

Any person whose identity or looks are outside the traditional practices described by the society may be considered as strange, although not everyone who is a gender-atypical shall identify as a transgender person. It should be noted that there is a huge difference between homosexuality and transgenderism. Homosexuality is sexual preference to a person of the similar anatomical sex and is not reliant of the gender identity of the person.Life history of a transgendered individual is distinctive, shaped by their upbringing and the social as well a fiscal atmosphere (Ahmed, 2016). They lead a normal life and understand the difference between the genders by the age of four. At this age is when they start realizing that they are a bit different from their peers. Their gender does not go in line with the regulations applied to their bodies.

Transgendered kids are often told that expressing their emotions is not right or even shameful. Therefore, they are forced to hide their feelings or live in fear and shame. They feel they do not live up to the societal expectations as people of a certain gender (Ahmed, 2016). For instance as a boy, they are some activities or chores or norms that the society expects them to participate in. it can be really hard for these transgendered persons to deal with such because their biological bodies are telling them other things. Society at time may try to force these people to conform to the standard norms accepted. Puberty specifically is a period of agony as this is the stage when the bodies display signs of transforming in unwanted manner (Currah, & Minter, 2000). Medical help is at time needed to slow the unnecessary developments till an individual become an adult and then can stat the procedure of transitioning if they want to.

There is also the scenario where a person or child attempts to match the standards and demands of the parents and peers so that they cannot be seen as outcasts thus suppress their emotions. This often leaves the person in shame and confusion (Currah, & Minter, 2000). Dealing with the conflicting feeling might lead to depression. Others get by by not admitting the presence of transgendered feelings. Since it can be quite a challenge accepting these transgendered people, some apply double standards. For example thy can marry and start their own families with kids. They think that this shall cure them, however, it is not often so. During their middle ages, the conflicting emotion can erupts into a huge huge personal crisis, forcing them to rethink their choices. Society is quite harsh on these people and is often frowned upon same as the issue of homosexuality. Transgenderism is even more disregarded (Ahmed, 2016). There are certain norms in the culture of how things take place. It can be really a challenge for people especially grownups to understand how someone born female would want to act like a man. These are some of the things that force the transgendered persons to hide their true feelings.

There are confronted with the predicament that the pathway to inner peace might cause discontentment among friends, colleagues, peers and family. The choice to transition is always hard. It is often liked to pain and confusion along with feelings of abandonment. Transitioning take place in various stages and requires commitment. One needs to be really sure of what they are doing (Currah, & Minter, 2000). These changes might shock the society along with their social network. A major conflict with these Trans people is not just the culture but also the Christina community. Also, Trans people deal with identity not sexual behavior, they might be in line with Christina teachings unless they act on their sexual behavior. The process of transition is what upsets the Christina community as they feel that the anatomical sex assigned at birth is enough. These transgendered feelings are actually inspired by the lifestyles as the church stipulates.

Lesbian gay bisexual transgender community advocates for what God never intended in the first place. Most of the transgendered persons are most likely to engage in same sex sex which is in opposition to religious teachings. Religious community believes that one is either born male or female for reason and they have a purpose to fulfill in the world just as they are. Like homosexuals, most of the sexual preferences are influenced by the social network and lifestyle choices they choose (Ahmed, 2016). Humanity was created within a certain perfect order and it ought to be so. The challenge, however, for Christians occurs when there are people who have transgendered feelings and have not transitioned. It becomes difficult understanding such behaviors as males are supposed to be males and females be females. In the bible, Quran, Hindu teachings as well as other religious teachings, there no cases of transgenderism, this begs the question where did this issue emanate from? It is challenging what the creator intended. Even with these oppositions, the religious organizations are required as religious people to treat other equality and love one another (Lombardi, et al., 2002).

Although, transgenders are often presumed to be going against the cultural norms, efforts are being made to fully embrace them in the society. There is a need to understand that gender identity is in some instances not someone’s faults. These people already face prejudice from their peers, therefore out culture ought to embrace these people. Trans individuas are discriminated against in schools and workplaces. Even though, the prejudice is discouraged, it still takes place. The main purpose of lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender community is equal treatment and acceptance of these people (Ahmed, 2016). The entertainment industry has also taken strides in fighting for the rights of this group. There are have been shows, movies and films depicting the struggles of the transgenders and the need to embrace them in the society. LGBT communities have arguments on why a person is treated based on his gender identity, sex or sexual preference. As a loving society, all treated should be treated equally.

Discrimination against any any person is not right. Transgender individuals face prejudice at workplaces, are denied housing, are subject to hate crimes and are humiliated, laughed at ad degraded on the streets. Nearly two transgendered individual re killed each month in horrendous violent attacks. Tran phobia is common and is the irrational fear and hatred of persons who go against the conventional gender classifications (Currah, & Minter, 2000). Transphobic viewpoints results in institutional prejudice that bring about oppression to these Trans individuals. Nonetheless it does not have to be so; the society can change its transphobic attitudes by giving equal rights to everyone regardless of physical attributes. The Transgender Liberation Movement fights for the freedom and fairness which interjoins with different societal justice battles. The society should not make people be ashamed of expressing their full range of feelings and character; instead it should welcome anyone as they re all humans.

As long as the Trans people are not violating nay laws they ought to be fully embraced in the society. They have already struggled with image as well as emotional issues as they attempt to hide their real images. Henceforth acceptance is imminent. After all, in a democratic country, everyone has a right to live their lives in ways that pleases them. Although, there are still frowns, there is a great progress following the fights for their rights. A lot, however, still needs to be done. The Trans people pose no harm to anyone or society hence there is no need of discriminating them.


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January 18, 2023

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