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Based on my interpretation of the sources, I concluded that they make the same points. For example, all accept that the arrival of humans onto the planet has resulted in a shift in the soil's microbial constituents. For example, many other people who participate in practices aimed at replenishing soil nutrients, as well as myself, have resulted in the annihilation of soil species in the same manner that we have annihilated essential organisms in our guts. In my opinion, this is a result of the overuse of chemicals such as fungicides, pesticides, and even fertilizers. Also, there is a consensus from both sources that today there is a revolution that has driven us to seek and restore the collaboration we once had with microbes in the dirt.

There are current research efforts that are meant to improve the conditions of our soils to provide an environment in which microbes will thrive. For instance, I am aware that there is a collaboration between General Mills, Nature Conservancy and the soil health institute which is meant to encourage farming activities that will rebuild our soils.

Soil organic matter is made up of about 50 percent carbon. Worldwide, soils are made up of much more carbon when compared to plants or the atmosphere. The loss of organic matter leads to the release of carbon dioxide into the air, and this leads to global warming (Wallenstein). To increase the percentage of soil carbon that is changed into biomass, it is important to enhance and support microbes in the dirt. I find this source reliable as it is a publication of Colorado state university, and the content involves a lot of information that has been generated over an extended period of research on this subject. Also, the author is an expert, a professor, and the director of an organization that encourages sustainable agricultural activities.

Works Cited

Wallenstein, Matthew. "To Restore Our Soils, Feed The Microbes - Source." Source, 2017, https://source.colostate.edu/restore-soils-feed-microbes/.

January 05, 2023

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