Universal Ethics: Understanding the Golden Rule

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TE Connectivity: A Leading Ethical Company

TE Connectivity (TE) is regarded as the most ethical company in the whole world. This technology giant is known for its manufacture of sensors and connectivity machines. Its first ranking as best in this category is as per the assessment and analysis of Ethisphere Institute. Top leaders in its management say they will continue to invest their resources in the formulation of safer, productive, sustainable, and connected future.

The Golden Rule and Kant's Categorical Imperative

Regarding the Golden Rule, many theories seem to support it. The Golden rule requires people to do actions to others that they would expect the other parties to do to them. An approach that closely relates to this way of reasoning is Kant's categorical imperative that provides the framework of behaviors that would possibly create the highest form of peace (Ichthus). Kant wanted people to behave by incorporating others' welfare. He said, "Always act so that you can will that your maxim can become a universal law" (Ichthus). In saying so, he was implying that people could merely predict the consequences of their actions on others before participating in an activity. In this regard, one needs to determine the effects of action by creating an image in mind to realize what would happen if other people acted to them in a similar way (Carson 18). Therefore, Kant's theory is perhaps the closed one because it suggests a way of thinking that creates peace by preventing individuals from committing queer mistakes to others.

Web vs Other Forms of Communications

There is a difference as well as similarities between the web and other forms of communications. Focusing on the first set of components, web and telephone system, they both provide instant messages and users cannot physically see each other during a conversation. Each system has a notification to inform the user when a new message is about to be delivered. On the contrary, phones only relay voice communication while web interfaces give their message to the reader in the form of a text. Secondly, if the information passed through the phone voice is not actively listened, the sender might find it difficult to transmit the message. However, the text message sends through the web interface might remain present and be reviewed later.

Web vs Physical Mail Bookstores: Instant Access

The second set of apparatus is the web and physical mail bookstores. The message sent through the web reaches the reader instantly. For example, a soft copy of the book bought online can be read immediately but one has to wait for days for the physical copy of a book to arrive in the bookstore. On the contrary, they both transmit the message.

Web vs Newspapers and Broadcast TVs: Current Events

A third set is between web and newspapers, and broadcast TVs. A web interface also provides a soft copy of a newspaper, which contains the message and might sometimes offer the latest news to a reader but a newspaper delivered physically only contains previous day's news as well as notifications meant for the present day. Finally, a television provides images of current events as well as visual entertainment. Similarly, the web interface has applications for the display of video clips. However, the two differ in that TV content is original while the web's version is recorded.

Government Regulations on the Web

The government can regulate the web by restricting national IP addresses to control the nature of programs that should run. In some nations such as Uganda, the nation collects taxes from the users of Social media applications. China, on the other hand, bars or allows certain websites in its land. The regulations happen differently because the web uses the internet with specific IP addresses while televisions and radios use a different communication media (Hu 438). The communication commission might switch on or off TVs and radios, but the websites can only be regulated. They cannot be banned from operating because their origin is from outside the targeted nation.

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September 11, 2023
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