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Many multinational companies face a variety of issues in both foreign and domestic regions and ecosystems. According to Ajami et al., "A multinational corporation is one in which a given fraction of its returns, transactions, resources, and/or employees originate or are outsourced in foreign nations/locations" (Ajami et al, 2006). The aim of this paper is to examine the US Airline Group's activities in the airline industry, its soft and hard technology used in both global and domestic contexts, its technical challenges within these environments, and how the organization intends to address them. Lastly, this paper will incorporate strategies to be used to achieve this in addition to its protection of its technologies.

Soft and Hard Technologies in the Domestic Setting

Under the domestic setting soft and hard technologies that can be identified. The hard expertise or technologies here include physical hardware and knowledge used for these hardware, safety gear and blueprints. On the other hand, soft technology under domestic setting involves the management, administrative and financial organization and practices. The latter can be combined with hard expertise serving in government regulations that oversee the firm’s procedure and employee training. The domestic setting has its soft and hard technologies based on the global environment. Within the global setting, the hard technologies employed are safety operations, custom operatives and aircraft hardware. Alternatively, the soft technology includes firm management. Here various government regulations apart from those under the domestic environment help and monitor foreign travellers from other countries (Ajami et al, 2006). Broadly, the US Airline Group’s hard technologies following this description would be their airport hubs/ locations, aircrafts and their flight personnel or crew. Even though in both domestic and global environment, hard technologies is almost similar, it is within the domestic environment that has to have constant updates to counter and operate the global environment of the firm.

Technological Barriers in Global and Domestic Environments

The US Airlines Group faces several technological barriers in both the global and domestic environments. One of the primary challenges that affect both environment settings is the security system. With rise in advanced technology and the world becoming more of a global market linked together through the World Wide Web, people are consistently coming up with techniques to breath securities. Items can easily be slipped undetectably through security detection systems/ software. These may include drugs, weapons among other illegal goods. Most systems designers often intergrate their software/ hardware to assume that such individuals would not gain access to their machines and therefore no refined attacks. However, according to various researches by Federal Aviation Administration, it’s evident that individuals who are able to bypass airport securities often have had access to the surplus machines from the government and subject them to Lab tests (FAA. 2015). A lot of hardware and software systems that protect crucial infrastructure are secretly evaluated. Such tests undertaken secretly should be interchanged by augmented and thorough tests performed independently.

Strategies to Overcome Technological Security Flaws

A number of approaches could be inputted to curb the issue of technological security flaws in the US Airline Group. First off, the most effective tool of any management system is its organizational structure. This is unlike the latter times where the management engrossed on mainly governmental and technical matters (Ebrary, Inc. 2003). It may include having a different structural form that focuses on conducting audits to airport experiences from customers, offering appropriate training on the new systems being implemented as well as better soft technologies e.g. Nuance Interactive voice response (NIV) systems in assisting passenger operations. In the same manner that the crews of flights are categorized into hard technology, the personnel under management can be under soft technology (Ebrary, Inc. 2003). This is to ensure that customer are satisfied by proper systems with updated technologies, utilizing their administrative gifts maintaining smooth operations and both customer and employee is happy.

Investing in Training and Infrastructure Development

The US Airways Group should ensure that they continue to give adequate training education, value and respect to all their employees as they implement and use newer technologies as they maintain an up to date environment with the rest of the industry. This is apparently very significant because of the fact that relations and/ or behaviors between and among personnel in addition to those with other group of individuals are crucial factors in assisting or hindering operations within the US Airlines as a multi-corporation (Secure Thoughts, 2015). Apart from this, the US Airline Group can invest on newer infrastructure, upgrade or update their current expertise and go even further to update several of their airport terminals and hubs which are currently operational (Secure Thoughts, 2015). With a technological foundation which is fool-proof, the company will continue to grow and be triumphant in both domestic and global environments.


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