Utilitarianism ethical theory

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Although there are many health benefits associated with palm oil, which has led to growing demand in Indonesia, there are also substantial environmental dangers. I vehemently disagree with consumers' decision to buy goods derived from palm oil due to the numerous negative effects it has on the ecosystem. With this action, we can safeguard the environment and prevent the growing instances of deforestation brought on by the cultivation of palm oil trees.

The utilitarian ethical theory uses the results of a particular action to determine whether a behavior is right or bad (Krasemann & Thiroux, 2014). In this case, the overall outcome palm oil plantation is massive deforestation which has a detrimental outcome of increased global warming in addition to the destruction of the natural landscape that leads to ecosystem changes which are threatening to human life as well as wildlife diversity. Based on the theory, the overall result of palm oil plantation is a negative outcome hence making the entire farming practice unethical.

Forest have a significant role in the environment by reducing the greenhouse gasses. In the case that the trees are cut down to create room for palm oil plantation, chancres get increased for the depletion of the ozone layer which may end up exposing the human to health risks. Clearing of the forest also makes endangered species, for example, Bornean Orangutans face extinction as a result of habitat destruction.

From the explanations mentioned above, it is imperative to note that the outcome of palm oil plantation is of a negative consequence and therefore consumers should find other oil alternatives to palm oil to help mitigate the adverse effects brought about by palm oil farming. Failure to put measures of regulating palm oil plantation, the destruction of the environment gets witnessed.


Krasemann, K. W., & Thiroux, J. P. (2014). Ethics: theory and practice. Pearson Higher Ed.

April 13, 2023


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