The History of Lavandula angustifolia

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The book, Lavandular angustifolia focuses mainly on the larger family of the Lamiaceae of flowering plants containing 236 genera. This book is important to my study which is seeking to research and expound on why the plant is so important in the medicine field due to its medicinal value. The book further talks about the sub species associated with Lavandular spp and how they are used to make spices and vegetables. It further talks about how the plant has been in existence for a long time being used as herb. The author of this book further talks about the regions of the world where the plant grows. Basing on this book therefore, my work will have a better niche of the plant’s family and its uses.

Chaytor D A. A taxonomic study of the genus Lavandula. 1937

This book provides more information about the genus history of the Lavandula. The author starts with the history of the various sub species of the Lamiaceae Lavandular and continues to illustrate on how the herb has been used since it was discovered in medical field and the importance it has had in the natural foods field. This book contains all the relevant information and images of every lavandula’s color, description of its growth timeline and the regions where they grow. The book was written for everyone who has an interest in the natural herbs field. Compared to the Lavender Spp, this book provides more solid information which can be used to argue the issue of herbs in today’s medical field.


 ANDRYS, D., & KULPA, D. (2016). LAVANDULA SPP. ESSENTIAL OILS – ITS USE, COMPOSITION AND GENETIC BASIS OF PRODUCTION. Folia Pomeranae Universitatis Technologiae Stetinensis Agricultura, Alimentaria, Piscaria Et Zootechnica, 328(39), 7-22. doi: 10.21005/aapz2016.39.3.01

This periodical conveys an important message on the Lavandula spp uses, the composition and its genetics. The article further conveys ways which the Lavandular can be used for medicinal purposes and it further illustrates its composition. The article was written to pass on the message of the importance of the Lavandular angustifolia to the public so that they may start using natural methods for treatment. The article will be crucial for my research as it extensively shows the medicinal composition of the herb and it also shows the possible cures that it contains.

How Do You Prune Lavender?. (2018). Retrieved from

This online article portrays a very important message to readers on the ways of caring for the Lavandular angustifolia herb. It talks about how the plant should be maintained so that it will maintain its original medicinal taste. Furthermore, the article describes it at length giving descriptions of how it smell and appears so that It may not be confused with other herbs which might be poisonous but resembles the Lavandula. This article will be important also in my study of the lavandula’s as it will help me differentiate other herbs from the Lavandular angustifolia with much ease.

Salvia Officinallis Icterina

Watters, L. L. (1901). An Analytical Investigation of Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis, Linne). New York: Columbia University.

The book salvia officinalis is about a plant called sage which is commonly referred to as the salva officinalis. It is an evergreen perennial herb that is somehow woody and it has grey leaves with purple to bluish flowers. It is also a portion of the Lamiaceae in addition its commonly found in the interior parts of the Mediterranean parts of the world. This book is important to my study as it will help me know the location where to find the herbs, its medicinal history and the culinary importance it possesses. The author of this book also talks about the previous research that have been conducted on the plant and the impacts that it has had ever since. Using this book, my study will have a full grasp of the history and importance of the sage plant.

Watters, L. L. (1901). An Analytical Investigation of Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis, Linne). New York: Columbia University.

The writer of this book analyses the herb Salvia officinalis’ herbal composition and the amount of natural herb it contains. The author further talks about the botanical effect that the herb can have and the impact of the plant in the medicinal field. This book is essential to my study as it will help me identify the lengths at which the herb has integrated into the medicine sector. The author has illustrated with exceptional statistic the influence that the sage has had also in the culinary sector in the production of most delicious spices.

    Salvia officinalis - Plant Finder. (2018). Retrieved from

This online article talks about the family, the genus and the details of the salvia herb. The article details the herbs appearance, and how they are paired in their families. The source is written for biologists who are interested in finding new medicinal plants but do not know how to differentiate them from weeds. Therefore, this will also boost my research in identifying firsthand salvia herbs from the outgrowths in the bushes.

Biological Activity of Extracts from Cherry Sage (Salvia officinalis L.). (2009). Journal Of Life Science, 19(3), 390-396. doi: 10.5352/jls.2009.19.3.390

This periodical is important in my research as it candidly explains the biological activities that are involved in extracting the medicinal components from the herb. Also, the periodical talks about the scientific processes that are involved in ensuring that the spices extracted from this herbs are consumable. This information contained in the periodical will greatly boost my study in identifying evry step of action of manufacturing species from the salvia herb.

Lamium sp

Flora of China Vol. 17 Page 157 野芝麻属 ye zhi ma shu Lamium Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 579. 1753

This book about the flora of China which refers to the Lamium sp, the author talks abot the significance of the plant in the Chinese culture. The Chinese for a very long time have been associated with herbal medicine. The author depicts how the Chinese people value the Lamium sp plant so much because of its medicinal and healing capabilities. The author has gone ahead and illustrated the herb as a flower of china because of how extensive it is being used in the Chinese herbal sector. Therefore, this book is essential in my study as it will be used in understanding the history of the herb and how it became to be widely used in medicinal purposes in the Chinese culture and other parts of the world.

RHS A-Z encyclopedia of garden plants. United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley. 2008. p. 1136. ISBN 1405332964.

The author of this book has explained the origin of the Lamium sp as a garden plant. Therefore, this finding will be important to my study as I will be able to trace the origin of the herb and how it become man’s best herb because of its medicinal values. The author further explains in this book how the herb was planted and maintained in the United Kingdom regions. This is therefore helpful in my study as it candidly illustrates the conditions which the herb can survive.

Roman, I., Puica, C., & Toma, V. (2016). The Effect of Lamium album and Lamium purpureum Extracts on Some Blood Parameters under Anakinetic Stress Conditions in Wistar Rats Some Blood Parameters under Anakinetic Stress Conditions in Wistar Rats. Bulletin Of University Of Agricultural Sciences And Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Veterinary Medicine, 73(1). doi: 10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:10902

This periodical emphasizes more on the Lamium sp genus effects on human beings and its general effects. The periodical also talks about the impact of the herb in agricultural sector and also how it can be used to treat animals. This therefore will boost my study by illustrating the extension of which the herb can be used in medication purposes and in the advancing scientific researches.

Lamium sp. (LAMSS)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database. (2018). Retrieved from

This online article illustrates an overview of the herb Lamium sp and its uses to mankind and also it shows its side effects when used in ways that are extreme to human health. The author of this online article went to great lengths to illustrate how the herb is used in different nation around the world in production of different medical substances for human consumption and veterinary usage. This article is relevant to my study as it identifies the sectors in which the herbs are used and for what purposes.

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