Weetabix: A Detailed Analysis

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What follows is a detailed decoding of Weetabix as a commercial brand. The above-detailed montage indeed packs a lot of details and is organized into various sections. The sections mainly cover specific marketing factors. They include targeted audience, competitors strategies, and solutions and the overall marketing strategy induced by the Weetabix company in relation to its products.

The Incredible Inside marketing campaign is Weetabix's structured and strategic plan that consists of social media, news media, public relations and marketing communication message that has a consistent theme of a healthy diet. The marketing campaign has been developed to address current health concerns that characterize the modern consumer. The fundamental changes in consumer preferences and attitude have been threatening the commercial value of Weetabix products and brands. Weetabix brands have been facing several challenges in sustaining its market share on a long-term basis. To diagnose this the company had to on rely large-scale data analysis and quantification measures. With the help of ONS data, the company was able to realizee its downside. According to the data, the Office of National Statistics had tallied 10.86m households in 2007 and was expected to increase within the subsequent years. These useful facts paved way for the strategic analysis to be laid out. The fragmentation of single household and projected increment in families meant that cereal bars and on-the-go brands were growing in order to meet the growing family needs. This implied that Weetabix brands at large would have to evolve in order to cater for the modern family and single households. With these insights, the company had no choice but to develop effective ads and campaign that depicted the effects of the new emerging impacts. This created the need to develop new brands and advertising strategy. Indeed the strategy saw the company being ranked as the number one in value sales for the first time in 2015. In this regard, according to the top left section of the montage the analysis has comprehensively analyzed consumer needs and wants to indicate the target audience who include; young parents, older individuals, young children as well as infants have been addressed as per their preferences(Weetabix.com, 2015).

The message being the main idea or critical information that Weetabix has attempted to pass across to the audience is well defined. The message has identified target audience who are older members of the society, parents and young children who have been highlighted throughout the video content being part of the main component of the campaign. Moreover, the message is short with only two words "incredible inside," which articulates a clear message quickly and easily(Weetabix.com, 2015). 

Also, Weetabix marketing campaign has successfully created consistency and maintained the brand in the minds of the target audience. In fact, the montage itself has identifiable images, which have communicated the impression of the importance of a healthy diet to the minds of the target audience.  For instance, the top right corner of the montage emphasizes a healthy living. More importantly, all marketing materials used during the campaign have incorporated the same texts, coloring as well as the logo of the Weetabix product to achieve a consistent message(Weetabix.com, 2015). As such the audience has been able to identify the brand at a glance. Finally, the marketing campaign has a competitive advantage because it has illustrated that it emphasizes the health benefits of Weetabix, in that it is not just a breakfast cereal but a healthy breakfast food that seeks to improve the health of its consumer. This is clearly evident in the montage left bottom corner whereby the nutritive elements of the product is properly highlighted(Weetabix.com, 2015).

Weetabix’s Incredible Inside marketing campaign has identified its target audience, an element that offers the drive the power of moving its business affluence. By and large, it is never a good idea to imagine that the product is desirable to all people. However, the Weetabix marketing campaign has identified its target market by illustrating them throughout the advertisement. In doing so, the marketing team has narrowed the buyer's or consumer's circle by dividing the ad into different sections with great focus or attention of persuading them to purchase the product. 

Right Demographics

The marketing campaign illustrates that marketers had the correct demographic data, mainly, since Weetabix product is organic. The campaign has been promoted extensively through paid channels such as AdWords, Googe, Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn for purposes of advertisement and reaching the target audience(Weetabix.com, 2015). In particular, social media channels such as Facebook entails the use of a high level of detail, primarily, when the targeted audience has been selected. The assumption, in this case, is that the content of the marketing campaign may not always be restricted to particular promotional channels while defining demographics.


Marketers continuously scour the market to understand key motivations, preference, attitude and public opinions about there product and brands. The campaign strives to understand how consumers express their personalities through their purchasing behaviours. The campaign brings together socio-economic data with psychological profiles while paying attention to consumer preference, motivation and self-expression. The company was able to identify two consumer prototype mainly the thinker and the believer. The thinker is more educated and ventures into ideals when it comes to purchasing a product while the believer has low resources but also motivated by ideals. With these insights, the campaign has been able to advertise consumer-level propensities for specific Weetabix products and services to all availabLe consumer prototype, at the right time, with the right creative message and lifestyle as portrayed on the montage. Incredible Inside campaign is not technical, suggesting that psychographic data has been utilized effectively. The montage illustrates a target audience, which has been classified based on their aspirations, attitudes as well as their needs. This means that the marketing campaign has captured the motives behind each target audience's purchase. However, it is important to note that sometimes it is incredibly challenging to define psychographics because the process involves around the use of subjective data or information as opposed to demographics, which generally use statistical data.

Consumer Characteristics

Consumers who are currently loyal to the brand are generally known to be the company's existing audience. The impeccable marketing campaign illustrated in the montage appears to have understood the characteristics of buying customers coupled with their buying patterns tends to reveal a lot of information regarding the company. Essentially, it means that marketers have assessed various elements of the company's marketing strategy as well as the company's product that seem to connect with existing consumers or audience. However, to gain more sales or revenues, the marketing campaign has expanded the scope of the company's target audience by introducing new elements that could attract potential customers such as through the use of factual information regarding health benefits of the product. 

Solving Societal Problem

According to the montage, Weetabix marketing campaign suggests that the company has identified and understood the predominant challenge or problem faced by individuals in the society, which had attracted previous customers to the company’s product. This is particularly true for those customers who have remained loyal and profitable to the company. In this context, the main predominant problem that the marketing campaign seeks to address is the health issue, which has turned out to be a vital source of motivation for buying. As depicted in the montage, understanding the elements that drive people to buy specific products have motivated the marketing team to expand existing approaches as well as an arsenal of topics when creating an advertisement. This has been achieved through the formulation of certain products that are accustomed to the user.


The campaign has significantly proven to be successful after paying attention to specific insights. The campaign has been a key strategy in driving mass awareness and reaching every consumer in the market share. With the help of video on demand programs across the media and social platforms, the company was able to roll out their products and brands at an effective rate. The products included Weetabix Minis, Alpen Muesli, Alpen Bars, Oatibix, Weetos, Weetabix Fruit & Fibre, and Branflakes.breakfast on delivery to the nation at large accompanied by sampling campaigns made the firm to realize new emerging trends among key consumers. With point-point sale advertising and digital screens along bus and railway stations that focus morning commute help to educate consumers on a healthy diet with Weetabix healthy product.


Weetabix.com. (2015). Weetabix "incredible inside" by Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Retrieved from> https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/weetabix-incredible-inside-bartle-bogle-hegarty/1350852. Access Date. July 19, 2018.

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