What will I put on today?

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"What am I going to wear today?" Though not frequently spoken publicly, the question arises in many people's minds at the start of each day. The decision is influenced by mood, weather, where one is going, the range of clothes available, trend, who I am with, and sometimes the opinion of others. There is a lot more to our clothing and grooming decisions than we realize. To be honest, dressing in a way that pleases everyone is a difficult task. In actuality, we do not all dress the same. We're not supposed to. People have varied tastes, which is perfectly normal. Even though for a number of people what they wear is simply a matter of habit, it might pay to be a little more careful while making such choices.

I personally believe that how I dress has a big impact on how others view me, and how I view myself. No one has the second chance to create the first impression. People make assessments and snap judgments about a person sometimes solely based on their outward appearance. Such opinions go beyond how well you are dressed, how neat and tidy you look but also your confidence, value, earning capacity as well as flexibility. This ultimately affects what and how they will converse with you.

For instance, think about nails. Well-groomed nails, on both men and women, are very attractive to me. For men, clean neatly-trimmed nails imply that the person is hygienic while for women, they act more as beauty symbols. A person who has well maintained nails makes it impossible for me to second-guess whether I can shake hands with and hold a conversation with them. My focus will be on what he or she says, rather than how he or she appears. Sharp or torn finger nails on the other hand are scary; long, uneven nails look creepy and a little terrifying. Meeting a person with such an appearance might make me start a conversation by asking,” what happened to you? Are you okay?”

Think also about the length of the clothing. In a world where personal appearance is seen to hint the way of life a person represents, being modest in our dressing is vital. You may probably have heard a comment like: “that dress started too late and ended too early.” Even though sensitively said, the point passed across is crystal clear. I have never admired a conversation with a lady inadequately dressed. Imagine seeing me in public, standing next to her while everyone around is shocked by her immodesty. How will people view me as well? How do you expect me to be comfortable when undue attention is drawn to my partner of the moment? How will it affect my reputation? The risks and consequences of being concluded to have an inadequacy of self-respect are too high to take. The conversation will have to be short-lived.

This, though, does not suggest that the longer the dress the better. There are no clear cut rules and distinct guidelines that dictate the matter but it is important to display balance in making the decisions of what to put on. A person talking to me must display soundness of mind and adornment of their selves. Your being appropriately dressed reflects well on the organization you represent and on my view of the values you uphold. For example, a shoddily dressed person chosen to market beauty products, cosmetics or even garments will be unsuccessful in persuading me to purchase the same. I will not even lend them my undivided attention. If this is how the products look on you, I’m I insane to wish for such an appearance on me? The impression created by the appearance should be convincing enough, beyond any reasonable doubt.

One of the first aspects of outward appearance that I immediately notice is a person’s hair. It has to be neat, or well-arranged. We cannot neglect the fact that both hereditary factors and local customs play a role on how people wear their hair. However, when a person’s hairstyle suggests the impression that he or she is trying to look like those of the opposite sex, it appears unattractive to me. In fact, it conflicts with my principles. It shows lack of confidence on their part, low self-esteem as well. As a potential employer, I would not give a second thought to dismissing such an individual. The interview process will be very short. There is no need to waste their time as well as engage in a conversation that mentally disturbs me.

Many today have embraced the use of perfumes, body sprays and a variety of fragrances. Not only is smell one of the strongest senses, but its use also has the ability of affecting our own emotions as well as those around us. For sure, who among us does not like the smell of a pleasant scent? The prevalent view cross-culturally is that fragrances effectively mask a person’s body odor and enhance its pleasantness. But we also have to be modest in this regard since smells also frequently lead to idiosyncratic reactions. Too strong perfumes used in a confined environment might make others sneeze and be restless. Therefore, even though one may want to boost their self-confidence, cognitive and physical performance by smelling better, this should not be done at the expense of others’ comfort.

In regions where mustaches are viewed by the society as dignified, one who wears this ought to keep them neatly trim. For men, being clean shaven is also a vital part of a neat personal appearance. Unkempt facial hair is a signal of carelessness. I may not be careful in how I speak to such a person as a result. I do not expect their speech to be sensitive and gracious. I may not be encouraged to speak much with them as compared to a well-groomed man. Why? Simple reason: as I maintain eye contact with them during the conversation, what else will I be seeing except expressions of carelessness all over their face? It dearly pays to forgo items of attire or hairstyles that would tend to close the minds of people to whom we want to talk to.

Posture is also involved in having an attractive personal appearance. Even though we do not all have a uniform way of carrying ourselves or endeavor to conform to specific pattern, it is noteworthy that standing erect conveys a sense of optimism and personal dignity. Nevertheless, perhaps as a result of working for many years in a stooped position, advancing years or physical weakness, a person may not be capable of standing straight and need to lean against something for support. But for those who have the ability to do so, standing in a reasonably erect position while speaking to me is highly recommended and appreciated so as to avoid conveying an indifferent or apologetic attitude. On the same thought, I consider it a more generally displayed positive impression when a person who addresses a large audience does not lean on the stand frequently.

Closely linked to posture is poise. A poised person stands, moves, and speaks in a calm, dignified manner that gives evidence of composure. This composure will be evident on their physical bearing. Movement of their hands will be meaningful. Their posture will be appropriate for the occasion and natural, despite feeling nervous and anxious. Therefore, if you are poised while speaking to me, I will be more likely to focus my concentration not on you but on what you say. The voice will be expressive and controlled; the conversation will be meaningful and informative. On the other hand, a person whose hands are clasped behind his back, held rigidly at the sides, or tightly clutching on an object; buttoning and unbuttoning the jacket, hands repeatedly in and out of pockets, aimlessly moving to the nose, cheek, the eyeglasses; hands toying with a pencil, watch, ring, notes or a pen- demonstrate a lack of poise. These symptoms are huge barriers to effective communication. For me to benefit from it, I will be forced to put extraordinary effort to pay attention. Trying to note down the main points of the speech might help me not to totally lose my concentration.

Naturalness is also a very ideal ingredient of effective interaction. It is good to be yourself- conversational, unaffected and sincere. I consider it awkward to speak or interact with a person who is too self-conscious, nervous and stiff. Such a person hardly wins my confidence. For instance, would you put your trust and confidence in something said by a person who spoke to you behind a mask? Would it make any difference if the mask was more handsome than the speaker’s face? So, rather than disguising oneself, be you. At the same time don’t confuse naturalness with carelessness. Wrong pronunciation, poor grammar, and muffled speech are very inappropriate. Slang should be completely avoided while interacting with me. I enjoy having a conversation with appropriate dignity, not only in their speech but also in their bearing. When one is neither overly formal nor overly concerned about impressing me, chances are that I will hardly get distracted from what they say.

In many cultures the world over, respect in approach and respectful acknowledgement are important as well. One who engages in a religious work is expected to dress in a manner that shows respect for the audience. For instance, I consider it disrespectful to approach me while wearing a hat or having one hand in the pocket. The same applies to our addressing the elderly. It is generally viewed as impertinent for a young person to address a senior by their first name, unless they have received permission to do so. It is true though that culture dictates who is eligible for honor according to color, social status, age, wealth or even caste. Many also are influenced by the television and internet’s portrayal of children outsmarting and dominating their peers and parents.it will be difficult for me to hold a conversation frequently with a person whose regard for others has been affected and eroded. Yet, when you have accorded me or others the dignity they deserve, an atmosphere that engenders an interchange of ideas is more readily possible.

Respectful acknowledgment is too important to be neglected as well. For example, I expect that you will acknowledge the presence of someone you encounter, either when entering a room or while walking along a road. This can be easily and comfortably accomplished by means of a smile, a nod of the head, a simple greeting or even raising of the eyebrows. It is total disrespect to ignore another person. Assuming me would be creating a barrier for our interaction. Extending an engaging discussion with my children in my home without first speaking to me would be so inappropriate. You should not be surprised when I ask you to leave. On the other hand, a person who expresses acknowledgement for headship is more likely to be welcomed.

As mentioned earlier, your physical characteristics play a huge role inn how others treat you. While most aspects of our appearance can hardly be changed, one can improve his or her outlook by being keen on how others will perceive them to be. For instance, making sure you have washed and put on clean clothes can show others that you dignify yourself. We can never underestimate the importance of having a clean body and fresh appearance. A person who fails to wash their own body regularly ends up smelling in an unpleasant manner. Clean teeth make an individual’s smile attractive. Well-polished shoes create a brilliant impression. In today’s competitive world, I consider it highly essential to groom oneself in a clean, tidy and professional manner.

As much as possible get rid of tattoos and body piercing. They are not attractive. They make a person look far from being professional and tidy. I can never imagine myself standing in public next to a person who has abnormally pierced their body and having a meaningful conversation. I will be destroying my own image associating with an individual viewed to have low credibility ratings and attractiveness. Tattoos and those bearing them struggle a lot for acceptance and legitimacy despite it being an integral part of many societies. If I was in the restaurant industry, though, my opinion would have been different. I might have even viewed an employee’s tattoo as a means of enhancing the voice of my entity and making it evident that the restaurant is youth-friendly and progressive.

First impressions matter a lot and the way you carry yourself out has a large impact on people you get along with on daily basis. It is important for both men and women worldwide. An inadequacy of these may have a negative effect on getting a good impression as well as positive feedbacks from the people you interact with, whether they are schoolmates, workmates, supervisors or even friends. Therefore make sure you have worn clothes long enough and appealing. Always be neat, keep your teeth and fingernails, hair, face and shoes tidy. As much as you can, avoid tattoos and excess body piercings that would make you unprofessional and unattractive. If you will apply any perfume, make sure it won’t have any negative effect on others around. Be natural. For sure, it pays to be a little keen on what we put on.

June 12, 2023



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