White America's End

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The paper contains a rhetorical review of the essay The End of White America written by Hua Hsu. The writer warns about the end of whiteness in the American nation providing details about recent changes in politics, the music industry, and the rise of a post-race culture. Hua Hsu uses his reputation and uses the moral beliefs of the audience to persuade them to see the real end of American culture. It also employs the tactic of appealing to the feelings of the people, in addition to deriving logic, so that the listener can comply with its point of view. Consequently, the modes of persuasion employed in the article have succeeded in passing the message that whiteness in America is almost becoming a thing of the past.

In order to persuade the listeners, the author uses the facts and statistics relating to the issue of racism in the United States. In the recent past, America has attested the greatest number of immigrants who have flocked the country aiming to make their lives better. The incomers from the rest of the world end up integrating with the American people leading to the emergence of new races such as the African-American as a result of intermarriages. The immigration produces a new impact in the demographics of the nation, and the writer states that it will lead to the gradual erosion of whiteness. Shortly, the minority and immigrants stand the chance of being referred to white Americans since they are adopting every aspect of the American way of life. Many immigrants in the USA are intended to become an American as quickly as possible. They learn English, go church, and, above all, attend the same schools as their white counterparts. However, the issue was accelerated by the fact that racism was a problem in the American society. The white used to view the minority and the black Americans as inferior beings who deserved a low life. Notably, recently the trend is substantially changing due to the emergence of African-American personalities who have had a significant impact on the lives of the American people. The political trend in the United States took a new twist following an election of Barrack Obama as the first African-American head of state of the United States.

Additionally, several black personalities have been elected by the American people to represent them in the Congress. Notably, the governor of Louisiana is the son of an Indian immigrant. The two examples the author provides give enough evidence that an individual need not to be white in order to lead the Americans. The words of President Bill Clinton which are less enthused by the white Americans are slowly coming to pass. The President noted that in the coming years, there would not be the major race in the United States, and there would not be the other country in the world which would have the high rates of demographic changes that America within such a short time. However, unlike the positivity perceived by the Clinton, the white American feel threatened because their existence in the country is slimming. Bill Clinton noted that the immigrants had the capacity to energize the American culture and broaden the vision of the world. Also, the incomers provided a renewal of the American culture and acted as a constant reminder of what it meant to be an American. Referring to the Clinton’s speech in his book The Death of the West, the author negates with the President’s remarks that immigration will result in a country where there will be no more majorities, and that all Americans will become the minorities. He states that there will be the moment when America experiences diversity. Hua Hsu notes that instead of the above-mentioned issue, the youths will spend their productive years in a third world America.

Also, Hua Hsu alludes to several American books such as The Great Gatsby to bring his argument of the end of white America. He suggests that everything can happen in the country when it has slid over the bridge of racism. The revolution of the music industry and rise of hip-hop genre illustrate the loss of American culture, and that’s why, the white Americans should be worried. The increase of hip-hop popularity is symbolic of the entrenchment of the African American innovations, and the growing fame of artist as Eminem has made the music from white America unsafe. The author notes that the music genre has colonized many aspects of the lives of the American people including fashion and design which now have the black origin. Notably, the writer uses the emotional appeal to the white Americans because they are losing the battle of identity, and as Hua Hsu states it is hard to be a white man in the present day America. For instance, the film Falling depicts the white man as a lost being, and the world no longer values him. Moreover, California is on the record of becoming the first majority-minority state in America. In addition, the demographic shifts which experiences America now will be able to reduce the influence of racial pyramids and produce a culture that treats occupants as particulars, rather than members of a group.

To sum up, the author successively uses logos, pathos, and ethos to persuade the audience. For instance, he uses several real examples that have had an impact on the issue of whiteness in America and their subsequent contribution to the end of white America. The article contains various allusions to the music industry and different books that contribute to the issue of racism in America. America is a land of opportunities, and many people all over the world migrate to the nation to make their lives more productive. Therefore, the white Americans need not to worry since the unity in diversity is a core value that the Americans have to embrace in order to coexist with the recent demographic changes in the state.

October 12, 2022


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