Why Should Students Read the Works of Louise Erdrich?

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I am looking forward to conduct a study on the implications of students reading the short story the Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich. The research question that will guide this study is: why should students read the works of Louise Erdrich. The author of the story analyzed in this paper is a renowned American novelist that writes about a mixture of cultures. Most of her literature works, however, are products of life experiences. The paper provides four reasons that make Erdrich’s works worth reading by students.

            Erdrich’s literature works portray the importance of creativity in writing. By reading her novels, students will understand why they need to be creative in their studies. For instance, the Red Convertible

is a fiction story that revolves around the imaginary love of two siblings with an imaginary car (Lamartine 307). She introduced the red car to demonstrate their love.

            Similarly, the works by Erdrich are characterized by emotions. In fact, the power of emotion comes out clearly in the Red Convertible. Her use of emotions in this story as well as American Horse

informs the students of how to write great stories (Erdrich 377). Thus, students should read her literature works to learn on how to generate readers’ emotions through use of words.

            Majority of Erdrich’s novels are also based on experiences and cultural history. Her stories involve issues that take place in the society. Equally, Erdrich’s works presents her view of the world and daily events (Horvath 9). From such stories, the students will understand that the main source of ideas is oneself experience. The use of experience in writing also demonstrates the importance of originality in writing. Based on this, it is imperative for students to read Erdrich’s novels so that they can be motivated to use their experience in advancing in life.

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