Wickedness in the World

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God gave Adam and Eve another son named Seth after driving them from the Garden of Eden. Noah was a member of the Seth family. Later, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, three sons who had wives and populated the earth, were a blessing to Noah. Due to interbreeding between the sons of God and the daughters of man at this time, the Lord chose to reduce the lifespan of man from 900 to 120 years (Gen 6:3). The world's wickedness considerably increased, which incensed God. In fact, he began to question why he had ever created humans (Gen 6:6). Due to this, God vowed to wipe away the human race from the face of the earth (Gen 6:7). He, however, decided to spare Noah and his family as they did not partake in the wickedness of the world. As such, God decided to speak to Noah so that he would save him from the wrath of the world. He instructed Noah to construct an ark, which he used to shield himself and his family against the terrible floods which God would send to destroy the entire human race (Gen 6:13). God gave Noah the precise measurements of the ark and instructed him on how he would fit the animals inside the ark. Also, he was to take food with him which would sustain him during the floods (Gen 6:21). Being an obedient person, Noah carried out all instructions as God gave him without any questions.

After the ark was complete, God instructed Noah on how to enter the ark and what to put inside it. He told Noah to take his whole household as this was the only righteous family left (Gen 7:1). Through Noah, God would start a new generation after the floods ended. The Lord told Noah that he would send the rain for 40 days and 40 nights to destroy any life form on earth which was left outside the ark (Gen 7:4). After the completion of the ark and all animals put inside, the Lord shut the door of the ark. After seven days, rain began to fall upon the face of the earth for continuous forty days without seizing (Gen 7:17). Water continued to rise and covered even the highest mountains on the land (Gen 7:18). Consequently, every life form was destroyed and only Noah, his family and the animals inside the ark were left on the earth. After the rains, the flood occupied the surface of the earth for another 150 days (Gen 7: 24). Throughout this time, God never forsook Noah and his family as he ensured their safety. The ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat where waters continued to seep slowly into the earth’s surface.

Forty days later, Noah sent out a dove to see whether or not the water had gone down completely as the design of the ark could not allow him to see the ground properly (Gen 8:6). The dove came back as there was no place it could land on safely (Gen 8:8). Seven days later, he sent out a different dove which returned with an olive leaf signifying fresh life and that water had receded (Gen 8:11). Another seven days later, he sent out another dove which did not return this time (Gen 8:12). Then God instructed Noah and his family to come out of the ark and bring out the animals with them (Gen 8:17).

After they had been out of the ark, Lord made a covenant with Noah and also blessed his family in that they will multiply and fill the earth (Gen 9:1). However, he instructed Noah on what to eat and what not to eat (Gen 9:4). Also, God instructed Noah to ensure that each human being is accountable for every other life on earth (Gen 9:6). For the first time, there was a rainbow in the skies which God used to signify his covenant to man (Gen 9:17).

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