Women in the United States (U.S)

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Women's Contribution to the Economy and Politics

Women in the United States (U.S.) are making a greater contribution to the state and global economies. The majority of these women have led the majority of the efforts, such as Lucy Stones in restoring women's rights. As a result, the article will not focus much on the exertion expended by women in obtaining some of their rights, but rather on the ability of women to deliver in elected offices, with particular attention on Angela Merkel.

The Fight for Women's Right to Vote

The right of women to vote was established constitutionally by the United States Supreme Court. Although over some period it was unsuccessful attempt among women, leading to some being arrested for fear to give momentum to the movement (Wollons 178). In doing so, the ruling later discouraged women, making them shift and start to work for the suffrage in the state. However, much of discouragements never killed their morale to fight for their right after much struggle.

The Nineteenth Amendment and the National Women's Party

There was a continued movement among the women up to the twentieth century. An example was in 1916 when Alice Paul decided to form the National Women's Party (NWP) aimed to pass the federal amendment on suffrage. There was some oppression against the NWP supporters, with over two hundred of them arrested in 1917 (Miller 1290). In the process, it resulted in the nineteenth amendment in the State.

The Role of Women in Politics for Strong Democracy

The balanced participation of women in politics is aimed entirely at building firm communities and strong democracy for gender strives. The women are more preferred in shaping law and policies to men because they are on the grass-roots of the family matters (Almenberg and Dreber 141). The opinion shows that women have different preference whenever it comes to critical issues affecting the State. The step is beneficial in ensuring that problems addressed are in the manner that reflects the real picture of people's need.

Barriers and Reluctance to Women's Political Participation

The failure of women in politics is because some are very reluctant towards throwing their hat into the ring. In some survey done, nearly 72 percent of women believed that they could not be elected when compared to men counterpart (Amelia Thomson 5). The notion grew more in the young women too; perceiving many barriers for their participation in politics. Therefore, there is a need for women to change their views whenever it comes to office bearing responsibility.

Gender Disparity in the Workplace and Politics

Women do not enjoy some privileges at work, unlike men. Women are less likely to get job promotion compared to the male counterpart (Gorman 876). It, therefore, shows that to achieve gender equality, it will take the State centuries. The study about work attitude among working class for nearly thirty thousand people shows a lot of gender disparity among the workers primarily on promotion.

Powerful Women Leaders in Africa and Europe

Apart from the U.S, there are other most powerful women in the offices; considering Africa continent. An example is a Liberian president Elle Johnson, who fought to deliver Liberia from a deadly Ebola crisis that killed about 4500 citizens. She was made the head of Economic Community of West African States, being the first women to occupy the office. Finally, she received Nobel Prize for better fighting for women's right (Wang 5).

Angela Merkel in most cases is seen to be a de facto leader as a chancellor in the European Union (E.U). She also became most long-serving incumbent government head in the union. In her term in office, the European economy has gone up compared to the period before; this shows how influential she is to the entire republic. The case reflection is in the level of unemployment cut during the time in her office. Similarly, there is a budget surplus experienced during the season due to more employment; unlike the recent past before she entered the position where it recorded almost 11 percent (Hamish 3).

Angela Merkel's Impact on the Global Stage

The global financial crisis is what made her emerge as a global figure from 2008. In her 12 years in office, she has tried to bring reforms in the labor market and the social welfare system. The ability to produce the financial stability was a determinant for her to gain fame across the world. Information from the analysts says the long-term competitiveness of the state will rely most on the investments in infrastructure and the workforce (JACK 3). Therefore, her effort should try to cut on the future labor shortage by integrating immigrants into the workforce. In doing so, the unemployment rate of around 3.6 percent can easily reduce.

Challenges and Potential Political Change for Angela Merkel

However, to some level, she is facing some predicament that is likely to cost her a job. Her governing opinion in most cases is complicated; with some not seen as ideal at points. The steps she always tries to make are likely to go unsuccessful; an example is in her effort to encourage parties to form the majority government that never succeeded. However, she seems to support the new election to enable her to stand a chance in her political career.

Some people are concluding that Merkel's era is seemingly coming to an end. However much she is putting effort into uniting the government, there are chances to have a political change that may be unbearable for her. There are a lot of jobs created, but they are of low pay, this makes the life of people unbearable. It shows that the analysts have in stock more information concerning her leadership standards and the legacy. The legacy she has taught has made her stand as the women leader and persistent in her goal achievements (Sarah 6).

Uncertainty Surrounding Angela Merkel's Fourth Term

Much weight was behind the grand coalition government, and more doubt rose for her fourth term in office. The Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) handling the political lifeline is what initiated more doubts in her fourth time to succeed. Previously, the SPD had ruled out the idea to enter a new coalition after a worse defeat in the election. Some advice from leaders of her party like Martin Schulz did not make her change the view. The step taken by SPD to talk with Angela seems to reverse the political stand from a new election to have a grand coalition (Madeline 5).


The women's success in the fight against mistreatment gained much force after the formation of some conventions that were to put women on the front line. The increased participation of women is seen to be highly beneficial to the world; hence increased move to ensure gender parity is achievable. Indeed, some of the most powerful women in governments have been quite instrumental for global leadership and influence. Angela Merkel, in particular, is a towering figure in the European political landscape. In essence, leadership is a platform upon which a world order is founded, and in equal measure, women play an indispensable role in balancing the very order.

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May 02, 2023

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