Canada and Stunt Driving Offence Research Essay

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Driving Above the Normal Pace is Considered Stunt Driving

Driving above the typical pace of, say, 50 kilometers per hour is known as stunt driving. It might also entail driving faster than normal while completing difficult and unusual tasks. Stunt driving is illegal because it puts both the lives of the driver and other road users at risk. As a result, the consequences for being caught stunt driving vary based on the local legal system. Depending on the jurisdiction, the offense's level of seriousness can vary. There are many instances of stunt driving and regulations prohibiting it in Canada.

Factors Adding Up to Stunt Driving

Apart from over speeding, several other factors add up to stunt driving according to the Canadian law. The law further goes ahead to specify the possible consequences for each of the stunts. Robichaud, a defense lawyer, in his article, clearly explains the charges, defenses, and penalties of stunt driving in Canada. He describes stunt driving as a conventional offense in Canada and with many defenses. He points out some of the factors adding up to stunt driving including passing the speed limit of 50km/hr., drifting, or driving close to others (Robichaud 2016). Lawyers Aitken and Baker, in their article, tend to agree with Robichaud as they also point out some of the factors that add up to stunt driving. However, they go ahead to give an exception for stunt driving, that is in the case of emergencies (Aitken and Baker, 2015). A web producer, Shum, in an article talks of a teenager who faced charges due to driving over the speed limit. Stunt driving was one of the charges on the teenage driver, and the police impounded the vehicle (Shum, 2014). The charges faced by the teenager were right according to Aitken, Baker, and Robichaud’s articles, as the scenario did not involve any emergencies, which would be exceptional. The officers were right to apprehend and charge the teenager immediately because he risked his life and that of others for no clear reason according to the article. Wilson and Freeman, in their article, talk of several drivers who faced charges due to stunt driving. These drivers did not seem to be in any emergency, so their stunt driving was not justifiable. The police did an excellent job in their immediate apprehension for the safety of others (Wilson and Freeman, 2017).

Stunt Driving Endangers Lives and Should be Avoided

Stunt driving endangers both the lives of the stunt driver and other road users and should be out of practice by anyone. As the Canadian law states, the charges for stunt driving are only preventable in the case of an emergency because one may perform driving stunts to save other lives.


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July 15, 2023

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