Women of Independence in the Movies

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The paper entails a dialogue on the way physical place and geography give upward thrust to identity in the films, Out of Africa and Thelma & Louise. The movies are perfect examples of movies that have used landscape and open spaces to represent constrictions which avoid women to some locations with an imagination on ladies gender-free zones. Women were most likely to be observed as susceptible and unable to defend themselves in different cases of life. They had been expected to depend on men for their safety and support. However, the representations of women in film have evolved with time; ladies are pictured to be independent and to make decisions that are not influenced with the aid of their sex.
In the film, Thelma & Louise, the chief protagonist, Thelma, is harassed by a man who they were dancing with and forcefully kisses her and takes her clothes off with the intentions of rape. Louise finds them and threatens to kill the man if he does not live her alone. After the man has released Thelma, he continues insulting her which triggers Louise anger and kills him. The two women disappear and never to looking back.

Out of Africa film pictures Karen Dinesen who suffers in a marriage where her spouse has affairs which result to her contracting syphilis. She separates with her husband and continues her mission in Africa although financially she becomes broke and returns home. Both films pictures women who broke the mold to live a life that is gender free. The repercussions of their acts may have resulted in breaking from men and living independently. Also, the women are contented, and change of character is observed for Thelma and Louise who changes their sexual orientation.

The movies show how physical place and geography give rise to identity which is derived from different ways to give a constructed meaning, a sense of belonging, and mediate change. The women in the movies display their identity through their change of behavior, experiences, places and attitudes. They connect to different areas, develop bonds, perceptions, and practices.

July 24, 2021

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