Written Word Verses Visual Depiction of a Topic

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Jawad Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley created YouTube twelve years ago with no idea of the huge effect they will have on the entire planet. YouTube, among other visual archives on diverse subjects, has revolutionized many facets of education and culture, opened the way for talented individuals seeking attention, and brought people from all over the world together. Though written records are chosen for their ability to delegate authority and selectively withhold contentious and humiliating content, they lack response, versatility, and direct contact with the target audience (Murphy, 2014). Although rumors have it that visual records stir negative vibes among people who desperately go to far lengths to become famous, they never the less display information concisely and help the audience retain the topic covered after the event (Chen & Wu, 2015). Moreover, the visual records are fun, engaging, and help deter crimes as they serve as court evidence for the criminals captured on tapes.


YouTube is one of the worlds most visited and utilized website around the globe not only by adults but also the children. Thus, to ensure the validity and the reliability of the content posted, YouTube screens content from popular websites, establishes the source and the sponsor of the site and also makes sure that the content displayed is in line with government regulations (Leek, 2015).

Summary of Lessons Learnt

It has come as a surprise to me that what is posted on YouTube has a profound impact not only on one’s life but also in their careers, more so politics. Personally, I put less emphasis on what it posted as I believe the majority of those who post attention seeking posts are out there to gain fame. However, to my dismay, content on YouTube can be either ruin or ascent one’s life in totality.


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November 03, 2022



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