young children and technology

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Over the last few decades, technology has practically transformed every part of life. Technology in modern culture has evolved from the way people socialize to the way work is done and everything in between. One of the noticeable improvements in the way in which children communicate and play with each other in today's culture relative to previous generations. There are many beneficial benefits of learning offered by technology to young children. Technology, however, has a variety of detrimental impacts on the quality of living and the welfare of children. The paper examines extensively the negative impact of technology on young children in today’s world.

Technology Changes the way Young Children think

The brain of a child is changed by the use of technology. An article written by Saracho (2015) indicates that the actual wiring of the brain is altered by technology. The author further avers that the time spent with technology changes the manner in which their brains work and give kids new-fangled ways of doing things. For instance, In Jordan records that video games can result to decreased and distraction memory and can also condition the brain to pay attention to several impetuses (2014). Young children overusing technology do not have adequate prospects to use their imaginings or to think as well as read profoundly around the material. The young children who have perfected the use of search engines are poor at remembering the information they are good at researching and finding.

Technology changes the way Young Children feel

Children’s capacity to empathize can be affected by the use of technology. A study conducted by McKenney and Voogt reveal those young children who used electronic gadgets for one worked were incompetent to pick up on nonverbal cues and emotions of faces’ photos than the children who had no access to electronic devices (2010). According to Clements and Sarama, the developing attachment, motor, and sensory structures of young children have not progressed biologically to put up with the chaotic and sedentary nature of the contemporary technology (2003). Bell and Crawford also record that the impact of rapidly developing technology on young children increases the behaviour, psychological, and physical disorders which the education and health systems are detecting (2001). Both systems have observed an increase at an alarming rate of sleep, depression, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, anxiety, learning problems, incoherent speech, coordination disorders, ADHD, and autism disorders related to more use of the technology (Parikh 2012).

Consequently, overuse of technology affects children’s own mood. A report from Hammond indicates that the sense of wellbeing for young children who use home Internet and computer games for four hours in a day is greatly affected than those who use the technology in less than an hour in a day (2014). Young children might have difficulty in developing emotional reactions as well as social skills with less physical contact and overuse of the technology.


Paediatricians record that severe obesity is increasing among young children (In Jordan 2014) Technology is to blame for the rise in childhood obesity. Obesity is on the rise because of technology use since young people exercise less when they overuse technology. Technology in this case comprises mobile devices, computers, television, and cars among others (In Jordan 2014). Time spent on all types of technology by the young children increases sedentary as well as their time in physical activity drops hence increasing the number of obese children.

Intellectual and Physical Development

On the other hand, the impact of technology on young children is noticeable in their intellectual and physical development. When young children solve problems using computer programs, they develop cognitive skills (Saracho 2015). Children are able to see the predictability of cause and effect, discover the interaction between things, and understand the properties of new objects with good computer programs hence developing their intellectual knowledge. In addition, young children develop their fine motor skills when they are playing or typing with their fingers (Clements & Sarama 2003). They also develop eye-hand coordination when they look at the screen and at the same time typing. It is imperative for teachers and parents to note that controlled use of technology has numerous benefits to young children. Parents should, therefore, encourage and expose technology to their young children such as educational computer games.


In conclusion, technology has a huge impact on young children’s emotional and mental well-being since it changes the way they socialize and interact with others. When used in excess, all types of technologies can have negative effects on young children because the frequency of interacting with the peers is lowered. They are unable to develop meaningful relationships with others and pick up on social cues. Although technology is a significant aspect of human lives, it has a number of detrimental effects on young children.


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October 13, 2022
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