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86 views 4 pages ~ 892 words
Book Review – Kukai: Major Works by Yoshito Hakeda

The main focus of the work is Kobo Daishi's or Kukai's biography. The majority of the book's content is made up of the i...

253 views 2 pages ~ 326 words
Representation of Buddhism in China

Buddhism appears to be playing a smaller part in Chinese religion today. However, Fowler and Fowler argue in their work ...

204 views 6 pages ~ 1630 words
Suzuki’s Claims on Zen

Zen, as presented by D.T. Suzuki, although sometimes mistaken for Ch'an, does not indicate meditation but rather an empt...

203 views 5 pages ~ 1290 words
Lotus Sutra definition

Lotus Sutra, by definition, is a special teaching that encourages a very active involvement with ordinary life and all o...

73 views 6 pages ~ 1447 words
Buddhism transition to the West By Barry Magid

The goal of this investigation is to explain the westernization of Buddhism as discussed by Barry Magid in his book "End...

262 views 6 pages ~ 1409 words
The Neo-Confucian Revolution

Neo-Confucianism is a variant of Confucianism that emerged during the rule of the Chinese Song dynasty, and it offers an...

242 views 5 pages ~ 1250 words
Vjaryana Buddhist

What would a Theravda monk say to a Vajrayana Buddhist regarding Tantric practices and beliefs, and how would the Vajray...

134 views 6 pages ~ 1474 words
The wheel of life (Bhavachakra or the wheel of existence)

The wheel of life, also known as the Bhava Chakra or the wheel of existence, is a mandala (or intricate design) that sym...

86 views 9 pages ~ 2217 words
Buddha Essay

Buddha is seen as someone who has attained "complete enlightenment" with regard to the nature and purpose of existence. ...

178 views 7 pages ~ 1864 words
About Hinduism

Religion is a Latin term that originally meant to bring or tie back. It is all that returns to or connects to God, and i...

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