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A Class Divided is a powerful film about the effects of war on children. Its story is based on an experiment done in 1970 by author Jane Elliott. It was directed by William Peters and produced by Charlie Cobb Jr. The film is set in Riceville, Iowa, a small town in Mitchell and Howard counties, with a population of around 761. It stars Ray Conger, who held two Olympic records: one for the 1500m and one for the thousandm. It also features Jane Elliott, who is still alive at age 87. She has been featured on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Jane Elliott's 1970 classroom experiment

The 1970 classroom experiment with A Class Divided TV by Jane Elliott was made famous by the television series Frontline. The show reunited the children of Elliott's third-grade class for a reunion. The series then followed Elliott as she performed the same exercise with adults, believing that this experiment would help improve human relations. The experiment was met with more aggression from adults than it did from children, and tempers flared during the filming.

Elliott's experiment began with discrimination based on eye color. The first group of students was systematically discriminated against. The blue-eyed students were not allowed to play on the jungle gym, eat second helpings of lunch, or drink from the water fountain. Moreover, they were not allowed to do homework, which was an unwelcome consequence of this treatment. The children with brown eyes were also told that they were not as smart as their blue-eyed peers.

Elliott's experiment continues today. She continues to give lectures across the country on her findings. She explains that a child's skin color affects the way they think and learn. She has even conducted this experiment with adults, and she uses it in her work with psychologists and prison workers.

Director William Peters

Director William Peters won an Emmy Award for his documentary "A Class Divided," which details the struggles of African-American students in America. He is a former journalist and documentarian and has previously directed "The Eye of the Storm" and "A Class Divided: A History of American Racism." In the documentary, Peters interviews a third-grade class in Riceville, Iowa, about how they behaved during the filming process. He says that he taught the class to act as natural as possible when the cameras started rolling.

Peters first worked at CBS Reports as a specialist on race relations, and then moved to ABC News. From 1982 to 1989, he was also director of Yale Films, a production company affiliated with Yale University. The director also co-wrote "A Class Divided" with Charlie Cobb. The film was a PBS special and won the Emmy Award for outstanding informational, cultural, and historical programming.

Producer Charlie Cobb Jr

A Class Divided is a television documentary produced by PBS's Frontline series. It's the story of a rural Iowa teacher named Jane Elliott, who lived through the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. After his death, Elliott decided to conduct an experiment on her class. One day, she makes the students who look like hers the underclass, and the next, she reverses roles and gives them the privileges of the upper class.

The film was produced in Riceville, Iowa, a small town located in Mitchell and Howard counties. The town has a population of about 761 people, and at the time of filming, it had around 1,000. A Class Divided featured Ray Conger, a former Olympic runner who held the 1500 and 1000m world records. It also features Jane Elliott, who is 87 years old and has appeared on ABC and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Airing at Rider's Koppelman Holocaust and Genocide Resource Center

The Holocaust and Genocide Resource Center, founded by Rider University, has long had a strong commitment to Holocaust and genocide studies. The Center collects educational materials about genocides and their effects, and serves secondary and primary schools. The Center was renamed in honor of Julius and Dorothy Koppelman, who generously provided funds to help the center continue its work.

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