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No one sector will address profoundly ingrained social problems on its own. This is why we are looking at genuine relationship opportunities. Our agency, The Means Girls LLC, seeks to collaborate with young women, the government, and other organizations and collaborators.
Our organization's goal is to provide a safe space for young people to deal with social vices like cyberbullying and body shaming. We also hope to instill in them the value of self-love so that they can succeed as young people. In the recent past, numerous incidences of cyberbullying have been reported involving suicide brought about by cyber bullying which leads most young women to resort to body shaming to change personal appearance. Extreme cases, caused by a decline in self-love and a subsequent lack of self-worth, have ended up in suicide. Many young women take their lives since they are pushed to the limit by some members of the society.

Those we deal with

The Means Girls LLC works with the ladies in high school and college. This target group is important since it faces a greater risk of disentanglement from training and education as well as the society as a whole. Also, a high number of cases of cyberbullying and suicide involve women in this age bracket.

Our organizational structure

Why we stand out

We take a keen interest in young women, who form the future of this country. We purpose to ensure that they grow to achieve their potentials and that they are not derailed by social issues such as cyber bullying.

Our program focuses on long-term change, to reduce the effects that cyberbullying or body shaming has on our young women. We strive to arm young women with skills indispensable to deal with social problems they may encounter. Our programs are tailored to deals with the needs of our young women.

Our achievements

The Means Girls LLC has worked with over 3000 women in gatekeeper for the past four years, and all of these women were at severe risk of ending their lives due to cyberbullying incidences. Due to the nature of this problem, our organization engages about 400 mentors, on a volunteer basis. Last year The Means Girls LLC hired a further 60 new mentors, out of which 40 were young women we had helped cope with cyberbullying issues. This additional number was meant to help us maintain a mentor/victim ratio of 2. Our overall mentorship involvement as of last year 80 percent, meaning we oversaw a huge number of recovery cases.

The impact we have had so far

Due to our keen participation in the lives of our young women, about 2400 young women transitioned from server depression to full recovery. About 23 percent of these successful cases opted to join the program and help other who are in a similar situation. We also saw a huge number of young women returning to school to continue with studies and even initiate similar programs in their respective schools.

The value we add to society

Value arises when we add annual costs to society as a whole of an individual who dissociates from society and net off annual cost of reaching out to affected young women and restoring them to their original vibrant selves.

Our aspiration

Our goal is to expand The Means Girls LLC to regions outside of gatekeeper.

Enhanced cooperation

For The Means Girls LLC to achieve its dreams of helping our young women deal with cyberbullying, it needs continued support from other organizations. Therefore, we are calling upon support and are looking to engage a partner who will work with us to reach a wider area. We are also seeking a contribution towards an estimated $30,000 in terms of employees and logistics.

July 24, 2021

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