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Over the course of the semester, I have discovered a great deal of fresh philosophical ideas. Metaphysics is the subject I know the most about. The field of philosophy known as metaphysics explains the nature of existence. This is due to the fact that metaphysics, which aims to elucidate the nature of reality as it exists around us, is a tremendously fascinating subject. In the modern world, metaphysics has various applications because it examines the world we live in. It is utilized to provide answers to some of life's most fundamental issues, such as how the universe and people fit into the bigger picture and how people and minds interact. One sub section of metaphysics is ontology which studies existence and change. Natural theology is the study of the nature of religion. Universal science studies logic and reasoning as applied under various fields. Despite facing a number of criticisms, metaphysics has increasingly become the study which transcends the physical features we perceive.

Plato's Work

One point of evidence of metaphysics is Plato’s work. Plato was one of Socrates disciples and one of the most renowned philosophers of all time. He was a great philosopher and deliberately based his work from the perspective of truth and rationality. His work is systematically integrated and put together in a comprehensive manner. This is a great achievement that cannot be underestimated and that is why he is regarded a philosophic genius. One of his theories that serve as evidence of metaphysics is dualism. Under this theory, he believes that humans are made of a soul and body. The body is mortal and hence perishes after death. The soul on the other hand, is immortal and therefore continues to exist even after death. The immortality of the soul is then used to explain the theory of recollection. This theory argues that we can recall facts and knowledge. Further, this argument is also applied in explaining the theory of knowledge. Plato believes that the greatest achievement is acquiring knowledge. Dualism is also applicable in the argument from opposites whereby it claims that what is currently large was once small. Therefore, all that dies comes back to life due to the immortality of the soul.

Research Paper Assignment

Another point of evidence of my knowledge on metaphysics is the research paper assignment on Plato’s metaphysics’. During this research, I referred to a number of sources which explain Plato’s metaphysics in depth. One of the most discussed issues in these sources is the theory of forms which Plato used to support his metaphysics. This theory states that a form exists for all physical things in the universe. Non-physical concepts like feelings also have forms. Understanding the concept of forms portrays true intelligence. These forms have various properties such as perfection and non-divisibility. This paper also discussed other theories that were used by Plato to support metaphysics such as dualism. The research paper was of an argumentative nature and therefore involved investigating discussions on this topic and evaluating the possible shortcomings. Some of these shortcomings were brought forward by other philosophers while others were pointed out during the research process. Therefore, due to extensive research conducted while writing this discussion paper and a deeper insight into Plato’s work and his arguments, I have gained a lot of useful knowledge on metaphysics. This branch of philosophy explains a lot of concepts in reality.


Prior, William. Unity and Development in Plato's Metaphysics (RLE: Plato). Routledge, 2012. https://www.rep.routledge.com

April 13, 2023

Philosophy Education

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