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Philosophy is valuable and should be studied for a variety of reasons. First, the usefulness of philosophy is evident in the vast number of questions it poses. It is well understood that there are no definitive answers to queries. In this way, philosophy cannot promise to address all of these questions. Philosophy, on the other hand, by generating questions, opens the human mind to a wide range of possibilities. It broadens people's perceptions of what is possible. For example, philosophy helps people to challenge the norms, opening their brains to alternate interpretations for phenomena. Individuals can also become more tolerant of uncertainty by asking questions. Most importantly, by raising questions, philosophy also works to increase people's intellectual capacities.

Secondly, philosophy is valuable because of its liberating qualities. Philosophy helps people escape their narrow-mindedness, enabling them to perceive things from a wider point of view. With such a perspective, individuals abandon prejudices that enslave their minds. As opposed to relying on knowledge that explains what things are, it opens up their minds to knowledge that explains what things might be. In this regard, it frees them from the constraints of certainty, familiarity and the finite.

Finally, philosophy strives for greatness. It contemplates great things regarding the universe. In so doing, it also renders the human mind great. Most importantly, individuals' lives also become great as a result of philosophy. As opposed to concentrating on private interests such as personal satisfaction, the family and the private world, the individual embraces greater interests which encompass the entire world. The resulting effect is freedom and tranquility. Furthermore, this greatness makes it possible for the universe and the human mind to become unified for the greater good.

May 24, 2023

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