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There must be certain patterns in any story that helps us understand the story or to grasp the true meaning of the tale. Themes can be found in short stories, poetry, and drama. Thematic research examines the inner context of certain traditional themes as well as how they can be applied and provide greater meaning. In this situation, we're looking at some of the most universal topics, such as heroism, empathy, awe, and pride.

A hero is a superhero or someone who assists others in resolving their issues. He can save a community from war, or he can make a particular thing that will help the whole community .in many stories we find the theme of heroism very common, because it’s straightforward to write a story with a hero because at the end the hero will always be the savior of the community. A real hero must be a good leader and also must have excellent leadership skills. All the people will still depend on the hero to lead them. Hence if he doesn't have exceptional leadership skills the community will be defeated .in many stories a true hero must have respect and also must be respected by the people. A true hero must be truthful and even must be trusted by the community.


Empathy is the general ability to understand and also to share one's feelings with other people. Many authors use this theme as their guideline in their stories .many characters must have the empathy in order to make the story exciting .e.g. if the wife of the main character has died, the theme of empathy or compassion must be applied in order to make the story continues .many authors have used this theme in their works, some of them use the theme to promote unity, and also others use the theme to ensure continuity of the work. Other authors also use the theme to build trust amongst the characters; this is by letting one another know how the other person feels.


Wonder if something that is regarded as the best or too good. Authors use this theme in their works to prove that wonders still exist and also to make the audience or the readers more entertained .a sense of wonder is an emotional state where one is involved in a science fiction discussion .one character can have the power of making the dead alive, this is a supernatural power and the sense of the power is that the nature makes the story interesting since everyone or the audience want to see the action more frequently. The readers and the audience are very ensured of the continuity of the story, since the character will always bring the dead to be alive .many authors have cultivated it and used it has one of their main themes since it makes people feel more entertained and also feel more motivated to see or to read the next version of the story. The authors have not just used the theme, they also encourage other authors to use the same theme, since it brings more humor, get the people entertained and also in addition to that makes it very easy to apply the idea in any story that one writes.

Wonder can be anything unusual, a character can cause the earthquake to appear, and this makes the rest of the characters in the story feel weaker, in this case, the character acts as the hero. To make the story more interesting, the author must come up with another aspect that has same powers as the character, so that they can fight. The theme of power is related in this case since the two use wonders to get the power.


This is having great esteem or having high respect. In many works, the authors tend to use this work to make the flow of the story good, without fights. The sense of honor is applied mostly to the leaders or the heroes. To have a sense of humor means having respect for someone or to something .authors use this theme mainly aiming at the heroes. All heroes must be respected because they have the power over everybody; they also have to respect other people. Being honored by other characters means that one is very powerful or one is a leader. A story can have two dominant personalities, another for them to have respect to each other they must fight and know who is stronger or who is powerful than the other. A story can be fascinating if the theme of honor is maintained through the story.


In conclusion, the above themes are significant to use; they make the story very interesting, a story without the above themes can be gruesome and cannot be interesting. It is perfect to use all the themes in one story, but it depends with the type of the story, if the story is a supernatural story they can be applied, but if it’s a romantic story it’s tough to use the themes.

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