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Indeed, the aspects expressed in the article concerning the nature of cheerleading in higher learning institutions serve as an eye-opener to recognize it as part of a school operation.
Description of Post. APA lead-in to the main concept of the author.
Recognition of cheerleading as a varsity sport is the first step in ensuring that programs are set in motion that can be instrumental in delivering assistance to all undertakings involved in the operation. It is important to recognize the key role played by cheerleaders in supporting their respective teams, a step that is necessary for them to win.
Main support
Cheerleading as an endeavor has shifted from mere sideshows to competitions where participants are expected to show cast their skills in high pressure environments. Indeed, this forms the basis for establishment of cheerleading activity in varsities. This will provide participants with benefits enjoyed by other athletes in institutions of higher learning.

Main support

The growing number of high-school and college students showing interest in cheerleading activities should form the rationale for formation of the sport in varsities as attested by interest in cheerleading camps on a yearly basis (Allen, 2017). Truly, cheerleading as a sport is growing in popularity. Because of the same, it is critical to enact measures in place that would be instrumental in ensuring that those interested are given an opportunity, in addition to all that is needed for them to participate efficiently. Varsity administrators need to ensure that they put in place appropriate measures that would result in an increase in the number of students enrolled as cheerleaders in schools (Grindstaff and West, 2006).

Rhetorical Context. Express your opinion of how the author did/did not addresses the rhetorical context


I believe the author has made significant effort in addressing the targeted audience. The author has brought out their opinion reflecting on those affected including students, and other stakeholders in the education sector. This is essential in enhancing the passage of information regarding the issue of cheerleading as a sport.


The author has not been entirely clear regarding the source of information used in doing the article. Specifically, it appears as if the author was basing their sentiments on personal aspersions. The author could have indicated the sources of information in coming up with the paper


The purpose of the article has come out clearly. For example, the context focuses on the need to ensure that cheerleading as a sport is adopted in educational institutions. The author has made significant effort in ensuring that the issue comes out clearly among the targeted audience.

Rhetorical Critique (pp.94). Express your opinion of the author’s use of these persuasive techniques to meet the needs of the audience. Each technique will be a paragraph using supports from your essay.

Express your opinion of how the author did/did not use the appeal to ethos (p. 94 and p. 327)


The author has depicted objectivity in coming up with the article. Efforts have been put to reiterate the stance regarding the concept of cheerleading as an activity in varsities.

Cited credible evidence

The author has not portrayed the use of external sources in the article. Generally, there is lack of evidence that external sources were used.

Opposing viewpoint and refutation

The concept of opposing viewpoints has equally not come out significantly. However, there is a mention of opposing views against the sport being introduced in varsities especially with the case of failure by Maryland to ask the N.C.A.A to sponsor the sport.

Professional and/or academic credentials

These have equally not come out strongly in the article. The ideas presented seem to be personal aspersions not supported by any professional or academic credentials.

Express your opinion of how the author did/did not use the appeal to logos. (p. 94, pp. 314-5, and pp. 317-20)

Logical reasons (premises)

I think the author has strived to use logical reasoning in presenting information. Various points have been presented to support the stance of the author.

Logical evidence

The concept of logical evidence has not come out clearly. This is a drawback for the article.

Variety of evidence

The author has not shown any efforts toward use of external evidence. As stated, it appears as if the article is based on personal information.

Clear organization

There is clear organization of information. The author has made significant effort in ensuring that information is brought out clearly.

Illogical or unsubstantiated (logical fallacies, if any).

This has not been depicted in the article indicating some success in the approach used to do the paper.

Express your opinion of how the author did/did not use the appeal to pathos (p. 94 and p. 328)

Emotions evoked via anecdotes/examples

The author has used examples to support their assertions. For example, the acknowledgement of interest among students to join the sport is evident.

Connotative language

The use of connotative language has come out clearly since mixed reactions have been elicited by the same.

Language which builds on a set of shared values and beliefs

This has not been entirely evident in the paper. It could be a reflection of the focus of the article in explaining the need to have cheerleading adopted in institutions of higher learning.

Emotional appeal which is exaggerated or misleading (emotional manipulation, if any).

The author has not depicted any sort of emotional appeal in this context.

If limited appeal to emotion, why is this.

Express your opinion of how the author did/did not make strong stylistic choices (p. 94 and p. 50).

Sentence structure

The use of sentence structure has been exquisite. The author has shown skill in the sentence structure usage.

Specific words/language choices. Connotation

The author has strived to use both positive and negative words in expressing their opinion. This has helped enhance the passage of information.

Voice or persona

This has not come out clearly hence making it difficult to state categorically.


The tone has been assertive and this can be attributed to the context.

V. Conclusion:

A. Reworded thesis

The sentiments presented in the article concerning cheerleading in varsities should be adopted based on considerations initially made by the author.

B. Clincher

Institutions of higher learning should consider embracing cheerleading as a sport to all those interested.

List of References

Allen, J. (2017). The Athlete on the Sidelines - NYTimes.com. [online] Mobile.nytimes.com. Available at: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2004/02/20/opinion/the-athlete-on-the-sidelines.html [Accessed 29 Mar. 2017].

Grindstaff, L. and West, E., 2006. Cheerleading and the gendered politics of sport. Social Problems, 53(4), pp.500-518.

August 09, 2021

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