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Making a tv commercial

Making a tv commercial is a difficult craft that takes a great deal of talent. People work by trial and error to refine advertising and drive themselves to do better in order to provide more for clients. With the advancement of digital technologies, the obstacles to commercial development are lowering. As a result, the majority of brands are demanding high-quality goods at cheap prices. As a result, several artistic directors of large agencies have developed a branding plan in which they participate from the beginning to the end of the project. Despite the fact that it is a difficult operation, innovative advertising pays off handsomely. In the last meeting, you asked me to compare two General Electric video adverts. I used two scholarly works to determine the video with different criteria of creativity. I concluded that video 1 is better to play during the event than video 2. Below is the detailed analysis and evaluation.

Video 1

As the speaker utters the first words that “ideas are scary”, two physicians look at the reactions of creature with a surprise as if expecting nasty reactions but taking notes about it. The creature stands up and begins walking around blinking its eyes in a manner that indicates lack of a clue about what is happening around it. Some passers-by are amazed by it while others treat it with brutality (one man throws an empty can to the creature from his car). At this point, the voice asserts that “ideas are scary because they are an enemy of the way things are”. The author uses the creature symbolically to reflect on the harshness that change faces despite being harmless. In an empty corridor, the creature seems unconcerned about the passing men that depict different reactions. Eventually the creature ends up sleeping under an abandoned carton box that is a dustbin similar to homeless and lonely people. At night, the creature walks alone in the streets. It finally meets a man that holds its hand in a friendly way. The fellow pedestrians look at them man and creature walk together with a faces indicating amazement. Eventually they reach a concert hall a stage and all the attendees look at it with amazement.

Video 2

In the second video agent Smith opens a doors and exits with a lot of confidence. The scene shifts fast to a scenario where the man’s body is presented as an image scanned on a screen. Then he enters a surgical room without being noticed by workers that are available. As he describes the software, Smith’s face is represented on the screen on the surgical theatre wall. The surgeons are come out carrying a patient on a surgical bed. As they come closer, it is easy to establish that it is Agent Smith that is being carried as a patient by the doctors. The next scene displays Smith pushing another old man with the bed. The scene shifts to another one where Smith is presented dually in a waiting room of the hospital. A medic clinches a fist to reveal a magnificence hi-tech gadget that wrapped around his wrist that looks like a watch. The ad returns to the surgery room where another patient is moved into radiotherapy machine. Nobody is inside the waiting room but the dual image of Agent Smith. As one image stops speaking, the other one begins to speak. The film enters a break in two seconds before Agent Smith reappears with two objects that look like lollipops. He asks the passing boy to choose either of the two. The boy hardly answers before two screens are displayed. In one screen, Agent Smith is in a hall speaking while the other is the street. The speaker in the background asserts that General Electric's software is an agent of good because it customizable and applicable to work in many places at the same time. Connects patients, machines with clinicians for improved hospital services


First, both videos comprise of aesthetically appealing audio-visual elements. The concerts last for more than one minute but less than two minutes. One minute is long enough to incorporate all the expected ideas and short enough to minimize the potential of boredom among the target audience. The author features on what people expect in Film 1 but video 2’s author limits the effect. Creativity incorporating treatment of characters with respect ridicule, exaggerated behaviour as well as responses blown out of proportion plays a significant role in film creativity in both video1 and 2. Additionally, several ideas are intertwined to give words beyond concrete things in both films. The two ad authors also consider originality in their creation. Ordinarily, originality is enhanced by creating something surprising to viewers as well as moving beyond the obvious to make the audience fantasize (Macdonald, 2015). In video 1, an animal of its kind is used to disseminate the message. On the other hand, in Video 2, Smith engages in activities that display technology combined with magic to create fantasy.


However, there is a significant variation in creativity scores for the two films. While video 1 is about blending and connecting unrelated ideas and objects, video 2 emphasizes on extending simple ideas to make them intricate and complex in the mind of the viewer. Video 1 also incorporates a clever dialogue, and memorable music in the background. A creative conversation in the backgrounds gives life to images in video 1 but not in video 2, in which the main character delivers the message. Video 1 emphasizes on diversity while video 2 fails to do it (Jaglom & Gardner, 2017).The prototypical spot is only a hospital in video 2 while in video 1, the author features several places. More so, the first video entails animation to attract the attention of the audience while video 2 does not contain it.


As a matter of fact, video 1 is better to play in an event than video 2 because video 1 incorporates higher creativity than video 2. With a significant engagement, the creators of both videos make the viewers to experience a variety of emotions such as fear and sadness within a short duration to arrive at a conclusion about accepting new ideas. The creativity incorporates dramatic pictures and unique audio devices to give life to the pictures as a way of conveying the message to the intended audience. While video 2 employs Smith, a character that is famous with technology films to present a message about a new software, video 1 presents a message by utilizing a unique animal as a symbol of change in a manner that reflects how people view and treat new ideas. The animal begins moving its eyebrows in a manner suggesting confusion but accordance with the rhythm of the music playing at the background. In seems bombarded by everything happening in the ordinary life. Everyone stops conversing and turns focus on it and treat it in an unwelcoming way. Those that embrace change are perceived negatively but end up stealing the show. By using the dog-like creature with attributes of a baboon, the creator of video 1 aims at getting the audience past their ordinary process of filtering as the dog leaves the hall.


Jaglom, L., & Gardner, H. (2017). Decoding the worlds of television. Studies in Visual Communication, 7(1), 33-47.

Macdonald, I. (2015). Designing to engage a television audience: how are different media used in TV ident creation?. Arts and the Market, 5(2), 139-153.

January 18, 2023

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