Abby’s challenges

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Abby has over 8 years of experience as a certified nurse. But she may face many obstacles in her quest to become a trained nurse in palliative care due to the dynamic nature of the nursing profession. The perceptual ideas among the new peers in the new state are just a few of the key difficulties. They might not think she is as knowledgeable as they are. This generally happens when someone is starting their own job or working in a new environment.

In addition, the cultural diversity present in the new settings presents enormous personal problems. According to Black, nurses advancing to new areas of practice faces challenges arising from the pull and push factors (Black, 2016). Such factors may include compensative challenges and inadequate opportunities to develop a career within the practice platform. Consequently, it becomes very difficult to avoid the daily duties in order to expand the scope of practice as in the intention of Abby. Therefore, she might have to work extremely hard in her current area beside her focus on the transition to palliative care practices. The reason for the extra hard work is to allow her to adjust to the new environment of work. Environmental change may posit numerous challenges if she is not prepared for them within the system.

Educational steps

Abby might need to register for advance practice in palliative care course within the nursing curriculum. This may include specialization in the psychological curriculums of nursing to help adjust in the new area of interest. Besides, family nursing of those with terminal illnesses has been verified as one of the most challenging fields of practice in the industry. Thus, Abby may need to register for nursing informatics and other technology related education forums to allow her to adjust to the, consistently, changing industry. It is normally fulfilling to accomplish the missions in careers as those set by Abby in the career path.

Other trainings

Potentially, Abby requires an exclusive coaching on the process of engaging with the different cultures in the new setting. This may be in terms of universal languages such as sign language interpretation to enhance effective communication with the individuals who do not understand her language as well those who cannot speak owing to their conditions of health. Palliative care requires very close relationships with the patients both at home as well the hospital levels. This way, it is a prerequisite to understanding feelings of patients and their local culture of communication.

Areas of interest and relevance to the comparison to personal roles in chapter 1. Palliative care is a very critical segment of nursing care practice within the working environment. The practice involves having a connection with the patients to help motivate them to live for the next day. This way, as a nurse Abby’s areas of interests portray the common aim of a practicing nurse. Most nurses desire to have personal clients with whom they can communicate frequently both in the hospitals and at home.

In addition, the current practicing principles demand a comprehensive approach to the nursing practice. To be effective one needs to, fully, understand the nursing curriculum as well as encouraging flexibility during the practices. Consequently, entrepreneurial nurse practice is becoming the norm among many nurses in the current generation. Every individual nurse has the desire to start his or her own business entities for practices.

In conclusion

Abby’s career requires numerous adjustments to help fit into the ever-changing industry and stay relevant in future. She needs to understand and apply the curriculum content as it applies in the industry. This way, she will develop into a professional palliative care-provider.


Black, B. (2016). Professional nursing: concepts & challenges. Elsevier Health Sciences.

April 06, 2023

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