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Coca-Cola Corporation: Analyzing the BCG Matrix

Coca-Cola Corporation has been a large-scale company in the soda business for more than a century. The corporation has expanded its activities to more than 200 countries and offers a variety of goods. They have also been working on new items over the years.

The BCG Matrix

The BCG Matrix (Boston Consulting Group Matrix) is a method for analyzing the various goods that an organization sells in a year as well as its market share. The device can also be used to measure the enterprise's capacity for growth. The BCG Matrix is divided into four quadrants, and the Coca-Cola business analysis is as follows:

Cash Cows

The Coca-Cola Company has developed business products that are identified as a significant source of income; the products produce enough sales and have a large market share both locally and globally. It can be classified under the Cash Cows quadrant; Coca-Cola Company has been operating in the matured market of selling beverages. It has developed partnerships with bottling companies throughout the 200 countries that the firm operates. The industry is more developed and hence more effort in keeping the sales high need to be put, reports have shown that there has been a slowdown in the sales.


Stars is another quadrant in the BCG Matrix that can be used to analyze the Coca-Cola Company. Products that are put in the Stars quadrant are the products that have a high market share as compared to other products. The company is producing star products, for instance, the company produces mineral water. The reason for classifying this product as a star product is because the water bottling company is still evolving globally and Coca-Cola is taking advantage (Renfrew, 2016). The company's bottled water Dasani water targets markets in the US and UK. However, there is a lot of competition from other water bottling companies.

Question Marks

Another BCG quadrant is Question Marks; products that are placed in this quadrant do not have a clear development strategy for the future. The products in this category have not done well in the market; even when their market opportunities for growth still the products do not perform well. They are not able to advantage of the possibilities that are found in the market. An example of such product produced by the Coca-Cola Company is Minute Maid, it has however performed well in some areas but has not been able to take advantage of the opportunities that the market presents. Diet Coke is also another product, the performance in the market does not offer a prosperous future (Krützkamp, 2013).


The last quadrant is Dogs, products in this category have a developed entirely, and chances for their future growth are limited. The company has been trying to provide more options for its coke consumers (Gertner & Rifkin, 2017). They have produced coke life, which is a healthier option, but it has not been able to meet its market projections, this is seen through the declining sales of the product.

The Stars Quadrant: Coca-Cola's Success with Dasani Water

The quadrant that best describes the Coca-Cola Company is the Stars quadrant. The company's bottled water product Dasani water has been able to meet its market expectations. The number of people has been increasing hence the need for more water. The company has also been able to beat its main competitors in the water bottling industry. There is significant growing of the market, and the product's market share is also growing.


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December 28, 2022

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