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This paper is an application for consent to review employee productivity and how the company can improve personnel retention. I've included a rundown of the general benefits of employee engagement as well as several recommendations for how to implement worker retention. I'll have a plan for how I'll do my studies. My research report will include the time I need to complete the research as well as feedback based on the research results.

The research will be conducted at this company, with a focus on conducting interviews with staff at all levels. Retention of employees has been highlighted as beneficial by most researchers. The benefits are for the firm and workers as well. The research will determine why our firm doesn't have a high retention rate of our workers while at the same recommending appropriate interventions to solve this problem.

I am confident that my research will give significant findings that will clearly show where our firm is regarding the employee-firm relationship. I will analyze the findings and provide recommendations. These recommendations will be specific to our firm. The interviews will be informing administered questionnaires. The research will involve sampled groups from all levels of employees for fair representation. After collecting data, information will be sampled analyzed and integrated, and I will write a 10-15-page report about the findings. The research doesn’t require funding since it will be carried out internally and the resources to be used will be locally available. I will need about three weeks to complete the work.

I at this moment seek your approval to commence with this research. Upon completion, I am conceived that the findings of the study will be beneficial to the firm.

December 08, 2022

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