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The Importance of a Free College Education

The world economy remains intensely dynamic, necessitating the need for the best-educated workforce. Nonetheless, it is counter-productive to the best interests of numerous nations around the world, including the United States, that many young people are unable to afford to attend college, whilst others complete their college education with large sums of debt that plague them for long stretches of time. Many issues have an impact on the global political, technological, and social environment, and education is a key variable in influencing those issues. As a result, the issue of a free college education should be investigated because it is vital to multiple players in the education field. Informing the audience on the topic of a free college education is warranted given the interest it spurs to the stakeholders. Student loan debt and soaring tuitions are placing higher education beyond the reach of many students. As such, the future of the country's education system is at stake unless effective policies that ensure free and sustainable college education are put in place. College affordability is in most cases among the top concerns of any country that wants to prosper. High costs of attending college, trade school, or university make many students not pursue a higher education, hence consequently making their future and the prosperity of their country at brinks of collapse.

Sources of Information

The proposal will employ different sources of information such as books to carry out adequate analysis of the importance of free college education including its practicality. The book by McPherson & Schapiro (2010) outlines the importance of making higher education affordable and the role of the federal government in that respect. On the other hand, Kane (2010) also gives a clear analysis of issues surrounding college admission and students' financial aid. Peer-reviewed articles will also be used in subsequent analysis.


Kane, T. J. (2010). The price of admission: Rethinking how Americans pay for college. Brookings Institution Press.

McPherson, M. S., & Schapiro, M. O. (2010). Keeping college affordable: Government and educational opportunity. Brookings Institution Press.

October 25, 2022
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