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The Fundamentals of Technology

The fundamentals of technology include understanding how to utilize a device correctly and only using it for that purpose. In case there are issues with the system, the children are also expected to contact with their professors and families. The IEP team should be informed when a kid is in class and the system is not working for them in order to examine alternative solutions.

Utilizing Technology for Students with Disabilities

The system is being used by a student who has a cognitive, motor, language, or sensory disability. These children utilize digital worksheets to do homework that allow them to line up words and even calculations. There is also a phonetic spelling software with the ability to read and write. This software enhances the ability to convert words of students automatically into what they intend to write. Some of them can also use talking calculators which read numbers and make assignments.

Teacher's Use of Technology

Teachers have used the technology in different forms like in helping students to talk, to read and to connect in which the teachers use IPads. Teachers also use a variety of software's in teaching and further supplementation of math lessons. Some teachers have also used Prologue2Go, which is an augmentative and alternative communication program that benefits students in communication (Lage, 2011).

Frequency Modulation Systems

Frequency Modulation systems are used to reduce background noise in the classroom and amplifies what the teachers say. In its application the device is used in the manner of the teacher wears a microphone that helps him to broadcast the sound to student's speaker, which is usually personal. This device is helpful to students who have impairing impairment and language processing issues. In addition, kids with autism spectrum disorder can find it useful.


Lage, M. J., Platt, G. J., & Treglia, M. (2011). Inverting the classroom: A gateway to creating an inclusive learning environment. The Journal of Economic Education, 31(1), 30-43.

March 17, 2023


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